article 27 February 2014 UK
Steve Coogan and Toby Young speaking to Jon Snow on Channel 4 News
Coogan: Daily Mail should apologise for past mistakes too

Actor Steve Coogan tells Channel 4 News that the Daily Mail has been acting 'like a playground bully' over the story about Harriet Harman and past links between the NCCL and a paedophile group.

post 30 October 2013
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Why are some supporters of the royal charter convinced it will eventually work? The answer lies in the carrots and sticks woven into all this.

post 30 October 2013
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Buckingham Palace will be unhappy that a royal prerogative, meant to be above contention and a symbol of unity and agreed public interest, is being squabbled over to the last fence but today they had

article 30 October 2013 UK
Newspapers lose battle to stop parties' royal charter

Newspaper publishers say they will push for a judicial review after they were refused an injunction to stop ministers going to the privy council to seek the Queen's approval for a new royal charter.

post 24 October 2013
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Newspapers shun government's royal charter on press regulation

The gulf between the newspaper industry and the politicians' plans for regulating them is yawning wider than ever.

article 12 October 2013 Politics
Paul Dacre (Reuters)
Mail editor Dacre breaks silence over Miliband row

Paul Dacre says the reaction to the row between Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail over an article about the Labour leader's father shows why politicians should not be in charge of regulating the press.

article 12 October 2013 UK
Press regulation: deal reached but battle has begun

MPs have agreed a deal on a proposed royal charter that they hope will be the workable solution to press regulation. But the newspapers reject it outright.

article 11 October 2013 UK
Britain's three major parties agree a number of changes to the Royal Charter on press regulation (picture: Getty)
Main political parties agree deal on press regulation

The UK's three main political parties reach an agreement on establishing a new system of press regulation, a government source says.

post 10 October 2013
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Do get in touch Mr Dacre - it's cold out here on your doorstep

The editor in chief of the Daily Mail remains not only elusive but silent on the many questions we would like to ask him.