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post 21 October 2013
Read more from Geoff White on Technology How whistleblowing went mainstream

A few years back it would have been a no-brainer for Edward Snowden that WikiLeaks was the right forum for his expose - but it's no longer the destination for whistleblowers.

article 27 August 2013 World, Australia
Assange stars in 80s pop election pitch - video

What will win votes in Australia's election? Dressing up as 80s pop star John Farnham and donning a mullet, if Julian Assange is to be believed. Watch his starring role in an election YouTube spoof.

video 31 July 2013 World, United States

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Assange: Bradley Manning conviction is 'dangerous' - video

Julian Assange says the conviction of US soldier Bradley Manning for leaking military documents to WikiLeaks is "a dangerous precedent" and an example of "national security extremism."

article 30 July 2013 World, United States
Bradley Manning (G)
Bradley Manning not guilty of 'aiding the enemy'

Bradley Manning, accused of leaking documents to whistleblower organisation WikiLeaks, is found not guilty of "aiding the enemy" but is convicted of five espionage and five theft counts.

article 04 July 2013 UK, Ecuador
Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino (Reuters)
by Ecuadorean embassy bugging claims 'ridiculous'

The head of the British company accused of bugging the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, tells Channel 4 News the allegation is "utterly ridiculous".

article 03 July 2013 World, Bolivia
Bolivia accuses US of 'aggression' over Snowden plane search (R)
Morales plane 'was not searched' for Edward Snowden

A diplomatic row is brewing after Bolivian President Evo Morales's jet is grounded in Vienna to be searched, presumably for Edward Snowden. But Bolivia says officials were refused entry to the plane.

article 17 June 2013 UK, Ecuador
Froeign ministers from the UK and Ecuador fail to make prgoress in finding a diplomatic solution over Julian Assange's continued stay in the Ecuador embassy (pictures: Getty)
Julian Assange 'will not be smuggled out in boot of car'

The diplomatic stand-off over Julian Assange shows no sign of abating, as the Ecuadorian foreign minister says the WikiLeaks founder is prepared to stay in Ecuador's London embassy for five years.

article 03 June 2013 World, Ecuador
Private Bradley Manning appears in court
WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning in court

Private Bradley Manning goes on trial more than three years after he was arrested in Iraq and charged with the biggest leak of classified information in US history.

video 02 June 2013 UK, Ecuador

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Bradley Manning Wikileaks trial set to begin - video

The US army private, Bradley Manning - accused of being behind the biggest leak of military secrets in history - goes on trial. He allegedly passed on secret files to the website WikiLeaks.