Jonathan Miller

Asia Correspondent
Asia Correspondent Jonathan has covered conflicts, revolutions, natural and unnatural disasters and has won four Royal Television Society awards for Channel 4 News.
Asia Correspondent Jonathan has covered conflicts, revolutions, natural and unnatural disasters and has won four Royal Television Society awards for Channel 4 News.

Jonathan Miller has won four Royal Television Society awards and four Amnesty International TV News awards for the programme.

Before joining ITN in 2003, Jonathan worked as a documentary director and presenter after four years as a BBC correspondent in south east Asia.


post 26 February 2016
Transgender madrassa closes due to death threats

The director of the world's first and only Islamic boarding school for transgender women has confirmed that her madrassa has been forced to close following violent death threats.

post 13 February 2016
Indonesia's transgender madrasa

The transgender madrasa, tucked away down an alleyway behind a large mosque, was founded in 2008, after an earthquake in which many waria died. It offers an oasis of hope and dignity and operates kora

post 20 August 2015
Bangkok bomber 'still in Thailand'

The Bangkok bomber has not left the country and remains at large in Thailand, according to a senior Thai military official. He told Channel 4 News that the police were confident that arrests would soo

post 22 June 2015
UN: Israel and Palestinians may both be guilty of war crimes in Gaza conflict

A UN report criticises Israel and Palestinian armed groups, saying both could be guilty of carrying out war crimes during last year's Gaza conflict.

post 19 June 2015
Israel's Mark Regev: UN war crimes inquiry 'a kangaroo court'

With its report into last summer's Gaza conflict expected shortly, Israel repeats its claim that the UN inquiry into whether war crimes were committed in there is a "kangaroo court".

post 02 May 2015
Nepal earthquake: the village too dangerous to rebuild

Exactly one week on from the massive earthquake, villagers in Puranogau, were coming to terms with the fact that they had lost more than their loved ones and their homes.

post 01 May 2015
On the frontline in Nepal as aid finally begins to arrive

With Nepalis in villages becoming ever more desperate for help, relief agencies have defended themselves against criticism that the international response has been sluggish.

article 30 April 2015 World
Nepal earthquake: broken villages awash with memories

Remoteness is a relative concept in Nepal, one of the most mountainous areas - and one of the poorest too, writes Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller who is in the country.

article 29 April 2015 World
Nepal earthquake: slow aid stirs anger in ravaged villages

Extensive quake-ravaged areas of Nepal, within easy reach of the capital on reasonable roads, are yet to receive any assistance from either the government or foreign relief agencies.

post 22 April 2015
Haunted by memories of a journey from Damascus to Bradford

Mirvat and her family fled Syria, eventually arriving in the UK via Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Calais. She has begun a new life - but cannot forget what she went through to get here.

post 09 March 2015
Grand theft Nigeria: why corruption looms over this month's elections

With a former governor of Nigeria's central bank alleging a US$20bn hole in the national finances, the breathtaking scale of corruption has become is a major issue in the country's elections.

article 23 February 2015 World, Australia
Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohammad (Reuters)
Al Jazeera in Egypt: the inside story

A Channel 4 News investigation raises questions about whether the Qatar-based network did enough to protect its staff in Egypt.

post 12 February 2015
'I met 24 of the Chibok schoolgirls held by Boko Haram'

A young Nigerian woman who escaped from a Boko Haram camp says she was held with some of the missing schoolgirls from Chibok as recently as three months ago.

article 11 February 2015 UK, Nigeria
The man who rescued 500 Nigerian schoolgirls from Boko Haram

A civil rights worker in Nigeria's restive northeast organised the dramatic rescue of nearly 500 schoolgirls from a town under attack by Boko Haram.

post 10 February 2015
Has Nigeria abandoned #BringBackOurGirls?

In a nation where jaw-dropping scandals make front page headlines day after day, there is one that does not. But day after day, every day, the Bring Back Our Girls campaign meets in Abuja.

post 09 February 2015
A very modern African monarch - meeting Emir Muhammad Sanusi II

The new Emir of Kano emerged. He sat high on a magnificently decorated black stallion, his fist punching the hot air, master of all he surveyed. The city had seen nothing like this for half a century.

video 06 February 2015 World, Nigeria

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Nigerian election: the key players - video

Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller previews the Nigerian election, due to take place on 14 February.

article 15 January 2015 World, Italy
On the trail of the smugglers shipping refugees to Europe

The people smugglers in Turkey are Syrians and they tell us they're doing their compatriots a favour. Here, in Mersin Otogar, we meet a smuggler and a Syrian family desperate to reach Europe.

post 03 January 2015
The grubby trafficking business where the customer comes last

The arrival of the first ship of the new year brought tears of joy to its tired and famished human cargo. But with the Ezadeen comes a serious and seemingly intractable problem for the EU.