John Sparks

Asia Correspondent
John Sparks joined Channel 4 News in 1997, and is now the Asia Correspondent.
John Sparks joined Channel 4 News in 1997, and is now the Asia Correspondent.

John started as a producer, before becoming a general reporter. His stories included investigating the July 7th bomber Jamal (Germaine) Lindsey, and securing the first pictures of CIA operated aircraft, suspected of conducting 'extraordinary renditions' via UK airports.

During the recession he moved to the Business Unit, where he explored the role of investment banks during the 'credit crunch'.


post 29 May 2015
Malaysia's human traffickers adapt to survive - and are back in business

Speed boats ferry people to shore from a giant ship hovering off the coast after the ransom is paid - and those who die onboard are simply tipped over the side.

post 21 May 2015
Rohingya will not be saved by the new 'no push-back' policy

As odious as the business of smuggling people across the Andaman Sea is, the traffickers and the "boat people" fleeing Burma and Bangladesh share a common cause.

post 20 May 2015
Nightmare at sea ends for the 'green boat' migrants

The mystery of the 'green boat' was solved this morning when 400-odd occupants of a rickety fishing trawler turned up on the Indonesian coast in the early hours of this morning.

post 12 May 2015
Fears for remote areas of Nepal after more earthquakes

Thousands run out on to the streets of Kathmandu as another deadly earthquake rocks Nepal.

post 05 May 2015
Trafficking death camp in Thailand may be tip of the iceberg

Four days ago a camp was found on the Thai-Malaysia border containing the graves of dozens of would-be migrants - and some believe there may be at least 60 more such camps.

post 01 May 2015
Shocking discovery of Rohingya graves on Thai-Malaysia border

The discovery on the Thai border of around 50 bodies, thought to be members of the marginalised Rohingya community, underlines the brutal nature of the trade in humans.

post 29 April 2015
Indonesia's executions: a weak president acting tough

The execution of eight convicted drug traffickers by Malaysia is a demonstration of the underlying weakness of the country's President.

post 28 April 2015
Indonesia deaf to pleas to spare death row drugs convicts

The pending executions of nine Indonesian and foreign nationals on drug offences have strained the country's relations with the international community and, in particular, Australia.

post 06 April 2015
A 'revolutionary wedding' amidst Burma's student crackdown

Ko Htet and his wife Su Yee Win are lovers in a dangerous time, which happens to be an entirely unexpected feature of their new life as a married couple.

article 17 March 2015 World, Australia
Vanuatu damage
Vanuatu: 'We are going to have to rebuild everything'

The grim warning of Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale in the aftermath of the devastating cyclone which hit the Pacific island last week. John Sparks reports.

post 05 March 2015
Emwazi family 'proves innocence' over Jihadi John claims

The Emwazi family lawyer tells Channel 4 News that his client has absolutely nothing to hide after being accused of "collaborating" with his son Mohammed.

post 04 March 2015
Emwazi family 'need conclusive proof' that their son is Jihadi John

John Sparks comes face-to-face with the man whose son is thought to be Jihadi John, the gruesome executioner for Islamic State.

article 01 March 2015 UK, Kuwait
Mohammed Emwazi relatives 'under watch' in Kuwait

Channel 4 News understands that there are members of the Emwazi family in Kuwait City, including Jasem Emwazi, the father of so-called Jihadi John.

post 23 February 2015
Jailed for satire: Thailand's lese majeste convictions

They are young and well-educated, a pair of committed pro-democracy activists, but their participation in a student play means they will spend the next two and a half years in a Thai prison.

post 19 February 2015
Thailand: where cut-price plastic surgery is booming... and can be fatal

Plastic surgery in Thailand is a booming business - but procedures there carry risks, as was shown by the death of a young British woman in a Bangkok clinic last year.

post 18 February 2015
Why is Burma declaring state of emergency in troubled Kokang region?

Burma's president declares a state of emergency in the Kokang region and imposes a three-month period of martial law, hours after a Red Cross convoy comes under attack.

video 13 February 2015 World, South Korea

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The price of going 'nuts' on Korean Air - video

The former Korean Air executive and daughter of the airline's chairman, sentenced to a year in prison for forcing a plane back to the gate after a row over a bag of nuts, appeals against the ruling.

post 10 February 2015
Beaten and starved: the Indonesian maid leading fight against domestic abuse

A Hong Kong woman is convicted of beating and starving her Indonesian maid in a case that sparked international outrage.

post 28 January 2015
Koh Tao: why have an 'unusual number' of foreigners died there?

Tourists take the boat to the island of Koh Tao to get away from it all but after a pair of brutal murders, two mysterious deaths, many people may feel inclined to keep well clear.