John Sparks

Asia Correspondent
John Sparks joined Channel 4 News in 1997, and is now the Asia Correspondent.
John Sparks joined Channel 4 News in 1997, and is now the Asia Correspondent.

John started as a producer, before becoming a general reporter. His stories included investigating the July 7th bomber Jamal (Germaine) Lindsey, and securing the first pictures of CIA operated aircraft, suspected of conducting 'extraordinary renditions' via UK airports.

During the recession he moved to the Business Unit, where he explored the role of investment banks during the 'credit crunch'.


post 15 September 2014
Two Britons found dead on Thai island beach

A man and a woman have been found dead with head wounds on a beach in Koh Tao.

post 15 September 2014
Canada becomes interesting! Thanks to Scotland's #indyref

As a rule, the UK does not take much notice of Canada - so it comes as a pleasant surprise that for once, thanks to the Scottish referendum, recent Canadian history is now being discussed.

post 07 September 2014
Meet the Grannies of China who won't stop dancing

Life has never been so good for retirees in China. They have time, money and no shortage of people to socialize with and the number one activity is dancing.

post 06 September 2014
Has Imran Khan lost Pakistan's latest political match?

Imran Khan and Tahir ul-Qadri want a "popular coup" against Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif. But their experiment in democracy has encountered several basic glitches.

post 31 August 2014
Pakistan election crisis - is history repeating itself?

Pakistan seems to lurch from one political crisis to another and perhaps inevitably, it has got another full-blown emergency on its hands.

post 26 August 2014
Flying Malaysia Airlines: something only 'brave travellers' do

Passengers on Malaysia Airlines flights have been busy posting photos on Twitter of deserted cabins and rows and rows of empty seats.

post 30 July 2014
Vietnamese communists call for end to... Vietnamese communism

We don't spend much time talking about Vietnam, other than its allure as a holiday destination. But the time has come to talk about politics in this sickle-shaped nation.

post 19 July 2014
MH17 disaster: blinded by jargon

It was certainly clear when I met former Malaysia Airlines executive Abudul Aziz that he loves the company it was equally clear that he is worried about it after the downing of flight MH17, the comp

post 18 July 2014
More than 500 killed on Malaysia Airlines flights this year

At first glance, nothing at Kuala Lumpur's impressive-looking airport seemed out of place. But there was a heavy feeling in the air.

post 01 July 2014
Hong Kong protesters have 'Beijing's tentacles' in sight

In a mass demonstration in Hong Kong on Tuesday, protesters are hoping their Beijing-based masters get the "message" and leave them alone.

post 30 June 2014
The Thai fortune-teller who has lost faith in the future

To me, it sounded like one of the best known fortune-tellers in south east Asia, Luck Rakanithes, believes he made his own luck.

post 28 June 2014
Thailand: did fortune-tellers predict military coup?

Banned protests, free concerts and models... Thailand is changing under military rule - but how much did fortune-tellers have to play in the coup?

post 20 June 2014
North Waziristan: fleeing before the bombardment begins

Pakistani officials say they are giving people a chance to escape before they launch a fully-fledged ground offensive.

post 09 June 2014
Karachi airport attack: Pakistan's embarrassment

The Taliban-claimed attack on an international airport in Karachi is an illustration of Pakistan's inability to defend key installations - and a major blow to peace talks.

post 06 June 2014
How will 'authoritarian' Qatar cope with beer-swilling football fans?

We discovered another side to Qatar, a deeply conservative, authoritarian nation, personified in my mind by the man who stopped his car as we tried to take some pictures in a park.

post 28 May 2014
Thai military raids target 'red shirt' protest leaders

Since the military coup in Thailand, the junta has produced lists of the people it wants to report to army bases, sending many leaders of the red shirt protest movement into hiding.

post 25 May 2014
Thailand post-coup: protests amid media crackdown

More demonstrations on the streets of Bangkok as the military summons newspaper editors and bans gatherings of more than five people at a time.

article 24 May 2014 World, Thailand
A pro-army supporter is led to safety by policemen after approaching activists protesting against military rule (pic: Reuters)
Thailand coup: tension on the streets

Thailand's military says detaining political figures gives everyone time to "calm down" as anti-coup protesters join soldiers on the streets of Bangkok.

post 23 May 2014
A job too far for Thailand's new prime minister

General Prayuth's decision to make himself Thailand's prime minister means he now has full ownership of the country's long-running and intractable political crisis.