Jennifer Rigby


article 17 April 2014 World, South Korea
by South Korea ferry crash shows 'sickening' safety flaws

As rescue efforts continue, experts tell Channel 4 News more disasters on this scale are inevitable unless ships get much safer.

article 16 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Facebook and its role in Ukraine's unrest (Getty)
by Why Ukraine's interior minister is on Facebook

It is not just protest groups using social media nowadays: governments are getting in on the act - and in unstable eastern Ukraine, Facebook has become a tool of conflict.

article 04 April 2014 World, Cuba
by Why the US secretly set up 'Cuban Twitter' ZunZuneo

Forget exploding cigars. The latest from the fractious relationship between the United States and Cuba brings things into the 21st century: via social networking.

article 28 March 2014 UK
Planning a gay wedding (G)
by We are so gay: planning a same-sex wedding

Two grooms on the cake, two aisles in the venue, and plenty of champagne: what's on the to-do list ahead of the first gay weddings in England and Wales this week.

article 27 March 2014 UK
Grindr and dating (Getty)
by An axe to Grindr? Stories from the dating frontline

Smartphone apps have changed dating for gay and straight people forever - or have they?

article 26 March 2014 UK
Famous and gay (Getty)
by Why it's finally ok to be famous and gay

From actress Ellen Page to diver Tom Daley, a host of high-profile stars have shocked - well, no-one really, it is 2014 after all - by coming out as gay or bisexual in recent months.

article 24 March 2014 UK
Conservative councillor apologies for sexist picture
by Councillor tweets glamour picture in female politicians jibe

A Conservative county councillor in Lincolnshire apologises on Twitter after posting a picture of women posing in underwear in reference to all-women shortlists.

article 17 March 2014 Science
The biggest scientific discoveries (Getty)
by Making waves: the other biggest scientific discoveries

As US scientists confirm they have new evidence of what happened just after the Big Bang as well as how it has shaped the universe since, what are the other game-changing scientific breakthroughs?

article 05 February 2014 Culture
Prince secret gig in London (picture courtesy of @stephenbudd)
by I was at Prince's secret gig in Camden

We chased after Prince all day - then we eventually found him in the Electric Ballroom in Camden and it was amazing...