Jennifer Rigby


article 15 July 2014 UK
by New cabinet minister or TV politician? Take the quiz

Prime Minister David Cameron promotes some new faces to his cabinet. But can you tell the difference between the real deal and the actors pretending to be politicians in shows like The Thick of It?

article 14 July 2014 Culture
Paul Mason by David Mitchell publishes story on Twitter: write your own

Novelist David Mitchell is publishing a short story on Twitter over the next week. In tribute, so is Channel 4 News - with your help. Our Economics Editor Paul Mason has written the first line...

video 11 July 2014 World, Germany

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How to be German (in time for the World Cup final) - video

Forget England - Germany might actually win the World Cup Final on Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice to support them instead? Our resident German Matt Frei explains how you can blend in with their fans.

article 10 July 2014 UK
by Public sector strikes where you are - interactive map

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are on strike around the country. Take our tour of what the situation looks like across the nation: protests, disruption and a socialist choir. #j10

article 08 July 2014 Culture
by Summer books: how much have you actually read?

Time to relax on the beach with a book. But are you actually reading it, or just shading your eyes from the sun? A new index from a US mathematician suggests, for some books at least, the latter...

article 02 July 2014 World
by Antibiotics: is David Cameron about to save the world?

The rise in antibiotic resistance, and lack of new drugs to cope, is set to be a disaster for humanity - or that is what many scientists warn. And now David Cameron might prevent it (yes, really).

article 30 June 2014 Science
by How quantum mechanics can keep your data safe from spies

Quantum mechanics is famously complicated, but could it be the answer to keeping data - from banking and government communications - safe from prying eyes?

article 27 June 2014 Culture
by Storms shut Glastonbury stages - mudfest ahoy?

A massive electrical storm forces Glastonbury Festival organisers to shut off the power and close the stages - but the show must go on, with crowds joining an Always Look On The Bright Side singalong.

article 25 June 2014 World, Syria
by Syria may still have hidden chemical weapons, OPCW admits

The head of the global chemical weapons watchdog tells Channel 4 News it is an "open question" if hidden chemical weapons remain in Syria, two days after the last shipment was supposed to have left.