article 28 January 2015 World, Israel
Two Israeli soldiers killed in Hezbollah attack

A day of bloodshed on Israel's border with Lebanon and Syria leaves two Israeli soldiers and one UN peacekeeper dead and raises fears of a conflict between the IDF and Hezbollah.

article 21 January 2015 World, Israel
John Sparks by Thai workers' rights 'abused on Israeli farms'

Thai farmers in Israel face low pay, hazardous working conditions and excessive working hours, according to a human rights group.

article 21 January 2015 World, Israel
Bus attack in Tel Aviv, Israel
Palestinian 'stabs 10' in Israel bus attack

A Palestinian man injures 13 people in a knife-attack on a commuter bus in central Tel Aviv before being shot in the leg, Israeli police say.

post 12 January 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: is there a Jewish exodus from France?

Are French Jews really leaving the country in droves in the wake of the violence that rocked the country last week?

video 12 January 2015 World, France

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'This unites all Israelis and all Jewish people' - video

Israeli spokesman Mark Regev on why he visited the kosher supermarket in Paris where four hostages were killed. He said the French Jewish community was going through a "particularly difficult time".

video 06 January 2015 World, Israel

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Emu dodges traffic in daring highway dash - video

An escaped emu shocks drivers in Israel as it dices with highway traffic, sprinting past cars before disappearing into the distance.

article 20 December 2014 World, Israel
Israel launches first Gaza attack since August

Israeli aircraft bomb a Hamas militant base in the Gaza strip, in their first strike in Gaza since a ceasefire was declared four months ago.

article 10 December 2014 World, Israel
Palestinian minister Abu Ein in a confrontation with Israeli soldiers (Reuters)
Palestinian minister dies after scuffle with Israeli troops

Palestinian authorities declare three days of national mourning after the death of minister Ziad Abu Ein shortly after a scuffle with Israeli troops during a protest in the occupied West Bank.

article 07 December 2014 World, Israel
Israeli fighter (Reuters)
State TV: 'Israeli jets' bomb Syria

Syrian television says Israel warplanes bombed targets near Damascus airport and the town of Dimas, near the border with Lebanon.

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