post 29 March 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Nuclear deal: Netanyahu's call to halt 'Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis'

Diplomats are trying to decrease tension in Lausanne and put a brake on Iran's nuclear programme. The fear is what could happen if the talks fail.

post 18 March 2015
Politics of fear prolong the reign of King Bibi in Israel

After a surprisingly clear victory for Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud party supporters are celebrating the continued rule of "King Bibi".

article 18 March 2015 World, Israel
Israel elections: Netanyahu declares victory

Binyamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party wins a surprise victory against the centre-left Zionist Union in Israel's election.

article 17 March 2015 World, Israel
Israel: haven for marginalised under threat

The shopping centre at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station is a refuge for foreigners who have moved to Israel and want to set up a business. But its future is under constant threat, writes Toby Bakare.

article 17 March 2015 World, Israel
Israeli elections: who are the candidates?

Binyamin Netanyahu has dominated recent Israel politics. But the centre-left Zionist Union is a strong challenger in today's parliamentary elections. So who are the main candidates?

article 16 March 2015 World, Israel
Israel elections: peace is off the campaign agenda

Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday, with signs that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be headed for defeat, as contenders brush off questions on Gaza and the prospects for peace.

article 16 March 2015 World, Israel
by Israel elections: will Netanyahu cling to power?

Benjamin Netanyahu says there will be no Palestinian state if he is re-elected. He faces a struggle to hold on to power, but much depends on the fate of smaller parties, as Inigo Gilmore reports.

article 11 March 2015 World, Israel
Muhammad Musallam's mother after execution by Islamic State
Islamic State child 'executes Israeli spy' in new video

The Islamic State group posts a video showing a child executing a man accused of joining the jihadi group in order to spy on it for Israeli security services.

article 03 March 2015 World, Israel
Netanyahu's Iran 'nuclear nightmare' warning

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tells a joint session of the US congress that Iran "will always be an enemy of America", as he derides a proposed nuclear deal with the regime.

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