article 11 March 2015 World, Ireland
Hand holding pills (Getty)
Irish parliament rushes to make ecstasy illegal again

The Irish government rushes an emergency bill through parliament after a court decision strikes out a law prohibiting the possession of some drugs including ecstasy, ketamine and magic mushrooms.

article 28 January 2015 World, Ireland
Apple logo and an i-phone (Reuters)
Will Apple's extraordinary profits hasten tax reforms?

Campaigners call for more action to clamp down on the tax avoidance of multi-national companies as tech giant Apple records the biggest quarterly profit in corporate history.

article 03 January 2015 World, Ireland
Second abandoned migrant ship arrives in Italy

A ship crammed with migrants and abandoned by its crew arrives in the Italian port of Corigliano Calabro after being towed in by the Italian coastguard.

article 27 December 2014 UK, Ireland
N Ireland: Thatcher 'couldn't understand' civil rights calls

Margaret Thatcher didnt understand why Irish nationalists in Northern Ireland were seeking more rights and feared that allowing them to express their identity would provoke a British Asian uprising.

article 19 December 2014 Ireland
Viable explosive device found under soldier's car in Armagh

A controlled explosion is carried out on device found under soldier's car in Northern Ireland, while a suspect device is found in a park in Cork

article 18 December 2014 World, Ireland
Clinically dead pregnant woman kept alive by Irish hospital

A woman who suffered a blood clot is being kept on life support in Ireland against her family's wishes because there is a chance her baby could survive.

article 10 December 2014 World, Ireland
protesters and police
Thousands on streets as Irish water charges unrest grows

Gardaí police estimate that over 30,000 people attend a protest against the introduction of water charges in the Republic of Ireland.

article 12 September 2014 Politics, Ireland
Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionists DUP Northern Ireland (Reuters)
Revd Ian Paisley: from defiance to compromise

A dominant presence in British politics for half a century, the Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He was a party leader, an MP and an MEP, and went on to become NI's first minister in 2007.

article 22 August 2014 World, Sierra Leone
Tests show Irish man did not die of Ebola virus

The Irish man who died after returning from Sierra Leone did not have Ebola, say authorities. But his family say they were not informed about a potential link, and learned about it from the media.