article 12 September 2014 Politics, Ireland
Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionists DUP Northern Ireland (Reuters)
Revd Ian Paisley: from defiance to compromise

A dominant presence in British politics for half a century, the Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He was a party leader, an MP and an MEP, and went on to become NI's first minister in 2007.

article 22 August 2014 World, Sierra Leone
Tests show Irish man did not die of Ebola virus

The Irish man who died after returning from Sierra Leone did not have Ebola, say authorities. But his family say they were not informed about a potential link, and learned about it from the media.

article 19 August 2014 World, Ireland
Rape victim forced to have Caesarean in Ireland speaks out

A suicidal rape victim forced to have a Caesarean section after 24 weeks in Ireland speaks out for the first time as campaigners say the abortion law remains "not fit for purpose" and too restrictive.

article 06 August 2014 World, Ireland
Peru drugs smuggler to be transferred to Northern Ireland

One of two women jailed for smuggling 1.5m worth of cocaine to Spain is due to be transferred to a prison in Northern Ireland.

article 11 July 2014 Ireland
by Garth Brooks and Orange Order in Irish crises

Twin crises are playing out either side of the Irish border: one of identity the other credibility. Brian Whelan looks at how Garth Brooks and the Orange Order could bring the island to a standstill.

article 21 June 2014 UK, Ireland
Guildford Four's Gerry Conlon dies aged 60

Gerry Conlon, who was wrongly convicted of the 1974 IRA Guildford pub bombing, dies aged 60, his family announces.

article 16 June 2014 Culture, Ireland
James Joyce, author of Ulysses (Getty Images)
by How one Iraqi poet translated Joyce's Ulysses into Arabic

On Bloomsday, 16 June, readers celebrate Ulysses, one of the greatest - and most demanding - novels in English. How much more challenging is it to translate James Joyce's masterpiece into Arabic?

article 11 June 2014 World, Ireland
Roy Keane pursued by the press near his Manchester home.
Keane's abusive tirade against 'not Irish' McCarthy (2002)

Roy Keane vows never to play for his country again under Mick McCarthy after walking out on the Irish squad before the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Ireland made it through to the last 16.

article 06 June 2014 World, Ireland
by Ireland shock over 800 babies 'in septic tank'

Ireland has been rocked this week as another horrific scandal linked to the Catholic church emerges in Galway, where a mass grave with the bodies of 800 children was uncovered.