article 25 May 2015 World, Iraq
Iraq's PM denies his forces lack 'will to fight'

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejects US criticism of his military forces after they fled a confrontation with Islamic State in Ramadi.

article 23 May 2015 World, Iraq
Iraqi tank near Fallujah on 19 May (Reuters)
Shia militia and Iraqi army launch counter-attack against IS

The Iraqi government begins a counter-offensive against the Islamic State group after its fighters capture the city of Ramadi.

post 22 May 2015
Read more from Jonathan Rugman his blog With Syria and Iraq, there is no Plan B - and the omens are not good

It has been a bad week for the American-led "strategy" against militants from so-called Islamic State - a strategy with the US president himself views with great qualms and some reluctance.

article 18 May 2015 World, Iraq
Islamic State militants take the Iraqi city of Ramadi
Isis 'faces Iraqi Shia militias' after taking Ramadi

Iran-backed Shia militias are preparing to take on Islamic State troops, according to reports, after the jihadist group took the city of Ramadi, in the western Iraq province of Anbar.

article 11 May 2015 World, Iraq
G4S guard 'unlawfully killed' by improperly vetted colleague

The security firm, G4S, did not adequately vet a contractor who shot dead two colleagues in Iraq, a coroner has ruled.

article 10 May 2015 World, Iraq
Islamic State militants stage Iraq prison break

Islamic State militants stage a prison break in Iraq in which 50 inmates and a dozen policemen are killed, two Iraqi officials say.

article 03 May 2015 World, Iraq
Islamic State: 300 Yazidi captives 'killed' in northern Iraq

Several hundred Yazidi captives have been killed in Iraq by Islamic State group militants west of Mosul, Yazidi and Iraqi officials say.

article 21 April 2015 World, Iraq
Isis leader al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded'

The leader of the global terror group is recovering slowly from a coalition air strike in the Nineveh province of Iraq, according to reports.

article 20 April 2015 UK, Iraq
Brits abroad: UK citizens journeying into the Islamic State
Brits abroad: UK citizens joining the Islamic State group

UK citizens have been travelling to Syria and Iraq since the start of the uprisings against Assad. Since 2013 online recruitment has convinced thousands of western Europeans to make the journey.

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