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Iran: inside the Islamic state

A detailed look inside the Islamic state with nuclear ambition.

article 15 February 2010 World, Iran
I was there: Jon Snow recalls Iran's 1979 revolution
A tank, with a portrait of Ayatollah Khomein, outside one of the Shahs former palaces in 1979. (Getty)
Jon Snow by

Thirty-one years ago, wedged amongst a chanting, seething sea of black-clad women moving through downtown Tehran, we knew were in on a moment in history - writes Jon Snow.

article 05 November 2012 World, Iran
Nuclear war games: What if Israel attacks Iran?
What would happen if Israel attacks Iran? (Picture C4/Alison Jackson)

Documentary maker David Patrikarakos, one of the producers of tonight's Dispatches on #NuclearWarGames, considers the foreign policy question becoming more urgent by the day.


article 20 January 2014 World, Iran
Syria's opposition confirms its attendance at peace talks after the UN's invitation to Iran is withdrawn
Syria peace talks to proceed after Iran invite withdrawn

The Syrian National Coalition confirms it will attend peace talks in Geneva on Wednesday, after the UN withdraws its controversial last-minute invitation for Iran to attend.

article 26 October 2013 World, Iran
Sixteen rebels hanged in Iran in revenge for border attack (picture: Reuters)
Iran hangs 16 in revenge for border attack

Iran hangs 16 "rebels" in revenge for an attack by an unspecified armed group on the country's border with Pakistan that left 14 border guards dead.

article 15 June 2013 World, Iran
Rouhani supporters are optimistic about their candidate's victory
Rouhani claims victory in Iranian presidential election

Moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani has claimed an outright victory in Iran's presidential election, the country's interior minister announces.

article 04 December 2012 Iran
US denies ScanEagle drone shot down by Iran.
US denies ScanEagle drone shot down by Iran

The US Navy denies it has lost any drones in the Middle East, following claims by Iran that a small unmanned aircraft was shot down over the Gulf.

article 19 November 2012 World, Iran
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (Reuters)
Why Israel's Gaza assault is not start of an Iran war

Relations with Iran may sometimes determine the direction of Israel's foreign policy, but the Gaza conflict is unlikely to be a dry run for an Israeli attack on its Middle Eastern rival.

article 08 November 2012 World, Iran
Iran fires at US drone in international airspace.
Iran fires at US drone in international airspace

Iran tried to shoot down an unmanned US surveillance drone in international airspace over the Gulf, the US claims, as tensions rise further between Tehran and Washington.

video 17 October 2012 World, Iran

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No American appetite for Iran war says Affleck

Ben Affleck's latest film is based on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, but in an interview with Cathy Newman the actor and director says there are few Americans with an appetite for war with Iran.

article 03 October 2012 World, Iran
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the target of the protests (Reuters)
Protests in Iran after currency plunge linked to sanctions

Riot police clash with demonstrators and foreign exchange dealers in Tehran over the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 per cent of its value against the dollar in a week.


'With 3.5 million heroin addicts in Iran, needle-sharing is fuelling a soaring rate of Aids infection'