article 08 April 2015 World, Indonesia
Indonesian man survives two-hour flight in plane wheel well

The man was found staggering around the tarmac at Jakarta airport after surviving a near two-hour, high-altitude flight from Sumatra in thin air and sub-zero temperatures.

article 07 January 2015 World, Indonesia
AirAsia search teams find crashed plane's tail

First pictures are released of the tail from the crashed AirAsia plane, found in the sea off Indonesia, as hopes rise of finding the crucial "black box" recorders.

article 03 January 2015 World, Indonesia
AirAsia search team finds four large submerged objects

Four large objects are discovered in the Java Sea as Indonesia starts an investigation into the AirAsia airline over a possible violation of its licence.

article 31 December 2014 World, Indonesia
Lost AirAsia plane may have been intact before crash

Several bodies are recovered near the suspected crash site, where rescue teams detect a large object beneath the sea off Indonesia.

article 30 December 2014 World, Indonesia
AirAsia jet: '40 bodies' and plane debris found in sea

Investigators searching for the missing AirAsia jet find dozens of bodies, the Indonesian Navy says, as it is confirmed that debris found in the Karimata Strait earlier is from the airliner.

article 29 December 2014 World, Malaysia
Flight QZ8501 before take-off (Reuters)
AirAsia mystery: another MH370?

The disappearance of AirAsia flight QZ8501 caps a nightmare year for the region's airlines. How similar is the latest tragedy to doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

article 29 December 2014 World, Indonesia
Lost AirAsia flight presumed to be at bottom of the sea

AirAsia flight QZ8501, which went missing mid-flight on Sunday morning carrying 162 passengers, is thought to have crashed into the sea, an Indonesian official says.

article 28 December 2014 World, Indonesia
What happened to missing AirAsia flight QZ8501?

Search and rescue crews looking for the 162 people - including a Briton - on board missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 suspend air operations overnight.

video 26 December 2014 World, Indonesia

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The Boxing Day tsunami 10 years on - video

Remembrance ceremonies have been held to commemorate the Boxing Day tsunami which swept across the Indian Ocean in 2004, killing an estimated 230,000 people.

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