article 17 March 2014 World, Malaysia
After the missing Malaysia flight, is it safe to fly?

A Boeing 777 has seemingly disappeared, along with the 239 people on board. But is Malaysia Airlines more risky? And is it safe to fly at all?

article 14 February 2014 World, Indonesia
Indonesian police distribute face masks to residents on the streets of Malang, East Java (G)
Indonesia volcano eruption forces 100,000 to flee - video

Up to 100,000 people are evacuated and three major airports are closed, after one of Indonesia's most powerful volcanoes erupts on the island of Java.

video 25 November 2013 World, Indonesia

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Indonesia on high alert: Sumatra volcano erupts - video

Indonesia's government raises its alert status to the highest level on Sunday, over the eruption of Mount Sinabung, which is continuing to spew volcanic material into the air.

article 10 September 2013 World, Papua New Guinea
Half of 10,000 surveyed have used physical or sexual violence, UN study finds
by Nearly a quarter of men in Asia Pacific admit to rape

A study of 10,000 men across the Asia-Pacific region finds almost half have used physical or sexual violence against a female partner and nearly one in four has raped a woman or girl.

article 05 September 2013 World, Canada
The G20 tax agenda risks being overshadowed by Syria and frosty US-Russia relations
G20: will Syria overshadow tax and economics?

As charities urge G20 leaders to come good on pledges to fix a "broken" global tax system that hurts developing countries, the economic agenda risks being overshadowed by the war in Syria.

article 30 August 2013 UK, Indonesia
British grandmother loses death sentence appeal

British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford loses her appeal against a death sentence for trafficking 1.6m of drugs into the resort island of Bali.

video 03 July 2013 World, Indonesia

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Earthquake in Indonesia kills 22 - video

People spend the night out on the streets after a 6.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia's Aceh province killing 22.

article 20 June 2013 World, Indonesia
Singapore Smog
Liam Dutton by Air pollution strains Indonesia-Singapore relations

Pollution in Singapore has reached hazardous levels due to smoke from illegal fires in neighbouring Indonesia drifting across the area.

article 13 June 2013 World, Indonesia
The Aceh region of Indonesia
Kidnapped British oil worker released in Indonesia

A British oil worker kidnapped in Indonesia is released and reunites with family after two day ordeal.

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