post 22 May 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Beds in sheds: is illegal immigration getting out of hand?

David Cameron chose the west London borough of Ealing to launch the government's latest crackdown on illegal immigrants.

post 21 May 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: what they're not telling you about immigration

The Conservatives announce another immigration crackdown - on the same day new figures show they are still missing their net migration target.

post 20 May 2015
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Nightmare at sea ends for the 'green boat' migrants

The mystery of the 'green boat' was solved this morning when 400-odd occupants of a rickety fishing trawler turned up on the Indonesian coast in the early hours of this morning.

article 20 May 2015 World, Malaysia
Rohingya migrants rescued off the coast of Indonesia on Wednesday
Stranded at sea: Rohingya migrants offered shelter

Indonesia and Malaysia agree to end their policy of pushing migrants boats back out to sea, and instead say they will provide temporary shelter to thousands stranded at sea.

article 19 May 2015 World, Malaysia
Pushed back out to sea: clock ticking for Rohingya migrants

UN agencies urge Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to stop pushing migrant boats back out to sea, as fears grow for those stranded with dwindling food supplies.

article 11 May 2015 UK
Rescued migrants in Italy
Mediterranean migrant crisis: UK backs gunships over quotas

Plans to force European Union member states to receive a "fair" share of refugees seeking asylum in Europe are to be fought by the UK, in favour of deploying gunships to tackle trafficking gangs.

article 04 May 2015 World, Italy
Italian operation to rescue migrants saves thousands

Coastguard coordinates huge rescue operation to save migrants in Mediterranean, helping at least 6,000 to safety since Friday.

article 01 May 2015 UK
Paraic O'Brien by Immigration Faultlines: 'under siege' in Slough

Amid feverish politicking over immigration in the election, the Asian residents of Alexandra Road, Slough, are having to come to terms with arrivals from eastern Europe, as Paraic O'Brien reports.

article 30 April 2015 Politics
Channel 4 News immigration debate panel members
Election 2015 #immigrationUK from Peterborough

Channel 4 News debates immigration with voters from the towns of Peterborough and Wisbech. How has this thorny election issue affected their lives?