article 23 April 2015 World, Italy
Facing migration crisis: European leaders meet in Brussels

As a mass funeral for 24 drowned migrants takes place in Malta, European Union leaders gather for an emergency summit on how to tackle the rising number of migrants arriving in southern Europe.

article 15 April 2015 World, South Africa
Jamal Osman by Burnt alive: violence against migrants in South Africa

In the past 48 hours at least five immigrants have been killed in the latest in a string of xenophobic attacks in Durban, South Africa. Most of the pictures are too graphic to show.

article 15 April 2015 UK, Spain
Siobhan Kennedy by Exploited to put food on our plates: 'we live like animals'

Surrounded by the fresh food they pick to send to supermarkets, but living in flimsy shacks, workers in Spain tell me how their dreams of better lives are crushed by the grim reality of exploitation.

article 15 April 2015 World, Italy
Mediterranean migrant deaths: where British parties stand

Ukip says rescuing migrants off Europe "may actually be making matters worse", while the Tories want to "dissuade migrants from making these perilous and illegal journeys in the first place".

article 03 April 2015 UK
Northern Velocity: is politics in touch with people?

Krishnan Guru-Murthy takes an epic cycle ride through northern England, speaking to people who are passionate about politics - and also about not getting involved.

article 31 March 2015 UK
Labour's immigration mug: changing Britain for the better?

Ed Balls insists that he will buy a Labour immigration mug, despite attacks from within the party over its "shameful" message promising controls and restrictions.

post 26 March 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Cameron vs Miliband - the dodgy claims to watch out for

David Cameron and Ed Miliband make their big pitch to the nation tonight. Don't want to get taken in by the spin? Read this first.

article 20 March 2015 World, France
by Migrants beaten up by lorry drivers in Calais - video

Shocking footage obtained by Channel 4 News appears to show violence in the French port as migrants are beaten up by truck drivers in front of a patrolling security guard.

article 19 March 2015 World, Sri Lanka
'Tortured' UK asylum seeker gets deportation reprieve

A Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seeker who claims to have suffered extensive torture before escaping to the UK has won a last minute reprieve just hours before he was due to be forcibly deported.