article 21 June 2015 UK
Baby getting meningitis vaccine
Meningitis B vaccine to be offered to 'all babies'

All babies in England and Wales are to be offered vaccines against meningitis B from September, the government announces.

post 18 June 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog New duty of candour legislation creates 'two-tier health system'

New rules obliging the NHS to report when something has gone wrong, are not to be applied to private clinics and GPs, warns a patients' charity.

post 17 June 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog IVF with donor eggs: the emotional, physical and financial strain

After years of failed fertility treatment, my consultant said I should think about egg donation. I was 45 by that stage.

post 11 June 2015
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Peanuts lengthen your life? You'd be nuts to believe it

Don't imagine that a bag of salted peanuts in the pub is going to do the job if you're looking for ways to extend your lifespan...

article 11 June 2015 UK
NHS 'could save 5bn a year' with simple reforms

The NHS could save around 5bn a year by improving staff organisation and having a better approach to purchasing everyday medicines, a new report finds.

post 04 June 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog A&E waiting times: will monthly reports make a difference?

Changes to A&E waiting times and targets are much easier to understand, but probably not that easy for hospitals to make it happen.

post 03 June 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog NHS: time for the regulators to sort out health care

Simon Stevens was reiterating his belief there is a need to look for local rather than nationally-imposed solutions. That one size does not fit all - especially in the health service.

article 01 June 2015 Science
Tom Clarke by Cancer breakthrough after 'spectacular' melanoma results

Experts have hailed a new era for cancer treatments after "spectacular" results were achieved in treating skin cancer by harnessing the body's immune system to attack malignant cells.

article 30 May 2015 UK
Obesity to overtake smoking as main cancer killer

A new report warns that more cancer deaths will be caused by obesity than by smoking, due to a rapid increase in the number of people becoming overweight.