article 31 October 2014 UK
Know how many calories are in your glass of wine?

Are you eating a salad tonight and thinking of having a glass of wine? If so, you could be consuming the calorific equivalent of a doughnut or a hamburger.

post 29 October 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Why we are on the verge of diabetes & tuberculosis epidemic

Figures show that diabetes triples the risk of a person developing TB, and experts fear that with diabetes rates soaring, recent progress in tackling TB could go into reverse.

post 28 October 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Is a diabetes cure really on the way?

Without a doubt, all this research is important. More than 400,000 people in the UK have type 1 diabetes - 29,000 of them are children.

post 23 October 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Can a new plan ease fears over the struggling NHS?

A new report by Chief Executive Simon Stevens lays out a way forward for the NHS - but will it assuage concern over the private sector's role in the health service?

post 22 October 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog US warns against womb surgery tool - why is it still in use here?

Doctors have said that a power tool called a morcellator, used to remove fibroids in the womb, may actually be putting women's lives at risk by increasing the risk of a rare cancer.

video 19 October 2014 UK

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Community pharmacies 'could save 1bn' for NHS - video

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society says community pharmacies could save 18 million GP consultations a year, and 600,000 visits to A&E. So why have England and Wales been so slow to push the idea?

post 17 October 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog A dismal response to Ebola's global spread

The rest of the world seems unenthusiastic in helping tackle Ebola, even now that the outbreak has spread and spread beyond the shores of Africa.

article 16 October 2014 UK
Female genital mutilation
Hundreds of new FGM cases - but still no convictions

Never before published figures reveal the scale of female genital mutilation in England, with the number of women currently being treated by the NHS approaching 2,000.

article 15 October 2014 UK
Should we ban smoking in all public parks?

A London health report recommends banning smoking in parks. Is this a logical next step in the campaign to stop smoking, or an unjustified attack on personal freedom?