video 14 April 2014 World

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New GPs' pilot means 'smarter working' - video

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells Jackie Long today's announcement of a pilot scheme involving extended hours at 1,000 doctors' practices in England will mean doctors working "in a smarter way".

video 03 April 2014 UK

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London under smog: a high-speed, aerial view - video

Fly around London at high-speed to see how the UK capital is smothered under a blanket of smog - video

article 03 April 2014 UK
Standardised cigarette packaging with prominent health warning
Government moves towards 'plain' packaging for cigarettes

The government says it wants to change the law to force the tobacco giants to introduce standardised packaging before the end of this parliament.

article 03 April 2014 UK
London in the smog
Smog causes surge in 999 calls

Record levels of air pollution have caused a surge in 999 calls, the London Ambulance Service says, with people reporting breathing difficulties, asthma and heart problems.

article 01 April 2014 World, Guinea
Guinean Red Cross workers (Reuters)
WHO plays down Guinea Ebola outbreak despite 80 deaths

The World Health Organisation says an outbreak of the incurable disease in Guinea is still "relatively small" compared to past epidemics, after charity workers called it "unprecedented" in scale.

post 01 April 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Calls for change as doctors still avoid justice

After eight years in limbo, the family of a woman who died on the operating table say the medical tribunal system has failed to give them justice.

article 29 March 2014 UK
Fears as reports link pet cats and a dog to TB infections

Pets are in the media firing line as two cats and a dog are linked to tuberculosis infections in what are believed to be the first cases of their kind in the world.

article 29 March 2014 UK
Nesquik website
Food giants told to have health warnings on 'advergames'

Food firms are being urged to have pop-up health warnings on websites with "addictive games" targeted at kids.

article 28 March 2014 UK
Vision, hearing and balance: what is Usher syndrome?

Joanne Milne, who has Usher syndrome, heard sounds for the first time this week after receiving a cochlear implant. But what is Usher syndrome - and can it be treated?