article 16 April 2014 Culture, Germany
Wolfgang Beltracchi at work
Paraic O'Brien by Portrait of the artist as a conman

Until he was exposed by using an incorrect pigment, Wolfgang Beltracchi was the world's most successful art forger. Channel 4 News meets the man whose forgeries are now valuable in their own right.

article 04 April 2014 World, Germany
Michael Schumacher 'awakening' from coma

Michael Schumacher, the former F1 driver who suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident last year, is showing "moments of consciousness and awakening", his agent says.

article 01 April 2014 UK, Argentina
by Should football fans get shirty over a 90 England top?

England supporters are having to pay a hefty 90 for the latest World Cup replica shirt - but compared to other nations going to Brazil they may not be getting such a raw deal.

article 04 March 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine Russia President Putin United States Andrew Wood
Russia in Ukraine: how the west could win

The US and EU failed to anticipate President Putin's response to events in Ukraine. But as Andrew Wood writes, the west can benefit from the situation - provided it is firm and sticks together.

article 03 March 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine crisis: political leaders (picture: Getty)
Cold war of words? Political voices on Ukraine

The escalating crisis in Crimea has set a number of western powers against Russia in a battle of words that includes threats of "costs" and allegations of illegal behaviour.

article 01 March 2014 World, Ukraine
by Ukraine on full combat alert as Russia prepares to move in

The Ukrainian government has put the army on full combat alert and warned invasion would lead to war, after Putin obtained the permission of his parliament to send soldiers into Ukraine.

article 27 February 2014 UK, Germany
Angela Merkel meets David Cameron and the Queen
by When Mutti met the monarch - cartoon

All was going well for German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her one-day visit to Britain - until Europe's most powerful woman headed down to the palace for a cup of tea and a bun.

post 15 January 2014
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei 'Who are you to lecture us?' How France and Germany view Britain

Eyebrows have been raised. France was heard muttering an obscenity. That is essentially how George Osborne's "reform or perish" speech on Europe will be received in Paris or Berlin.

article 01 January 2014 World, France
Michael Schumacher (Reuters)
Schumacher in 'stable condition'

The Formula One legend continues to recover after suffering a near-fatal head injury while skiing, his manager says.

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