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post 26 November 2015
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George Osborne says he is spending an "unprecedented" amount on the NHS. So why do critics insist there is a historic squeeze on budgets?

post 25 November 2015
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George Osborne got a bit lucky two weeks ago when the numbers came in from the OBR... and he decided to blow the money. We may never know what he planned to do before that point.

post 11 November 2015
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The former prime minister Gordon Brown passionately defends the tax credit system he created, but is less willing to pass comment on Jeremy Corbyn and his suitability as a future Labour PM.

post 09 November 2015
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Allies of Iain Duncan Smith feel they have fought a feisty rearguard action after the Treasury came snooping round their universal credit money.

article 03 November 2015 UK, Germany
George Osborne (Getty)
George Osborne: what UK wants from new EU deal

George Osborne sets out what the UK hopes to achieve from its EU renegotiation, saying that countries that are not members of the euro should not be discriminated against.

post 29 October 2015
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David Cameron has made much of how the Commons has passed the tax credit changes and the Lords were defying the elected chamber when they voted against them on Monday.

article 27 October 2015 UK
George Osborne
Tax credits: Osborne says reforms will continue

Chancellor George Osborne says tax credit reforms will go ahead, despite the government's dramatic defeat in the Lords on cuts for millions of low-income families.

post 26 October 2015
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The Lords are debating whether to scupper George Osborne's latest change to tax credits. What's it all about?

post 26 October 2015
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"People are just frightened," one Tory MP said. He likened the atmosphere of fear to Gordon Brown's domination of Labour MPs ahead of his succession to the party leadership.