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We are so gay

Being gay in the UK - what is life like for same-sex couples in 2014?

article 27 March 2014 UK
An axe to Grindr? Stories from the dating frontline
Grindr and dating (Getty)

Smartphone apps have changed dating for gay and straight people forever - or have they?

article 26 March 2014 UK
How one gay bar changed attitudes in rural N Ireland - video

"I am a straight guy and I love going to the gay bar" - welcome to The Central in Strabane, Northern Ireland. Is this the most unusual - and remote - gay night spot in the UK?

article 17 July 2013 UK
Gay marriage becomes law in England and Wales
Gay marriage becomes legal in England and Wales (Reuters)

Speaker John Bercow announces in the Commons that the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has been granted Royal Assent by the Queen, to cheers from MPs.


article 25 March 2014 UK
Gay marriage: the key questions

This week marks the historic moment when gay couples will finally be able to marry in England and Wales. But how much will really change?

article 29 March 2014 UK
Andrew Wale and Neil Allard (Reuters)
Rainbow flags greet first gay weddings

Flags are flown across the country to hail the first same-sex marriages in England and Wales. David Cameron calls it a victory for equality.

article 28 March 2014 World, Uganda
US pastor Scott Lively
by Scott Lively: 'protecting civilisation' from homosexuals

Inigo Gilmore meets US pastor Scott Lively, one of a group of Americans thought to have influenced a new law in Uganda which carries some of the harshest penalties in the world for openly gay people.

article 28 March 2014 UK
Gay asylum seekers (Getty)
Is the UK doing enough for gay asylum seekers?

Gay and lesbian asylum seekers in Britain can face intimate sexual questions to "prove" their sexuality - and even then many are not allowed to stay in the country.

article 28 March 2014 World, United States
Twitter camapign over CEO gay marriage views
Should Mozilla's 'anti-gay marriage' CEO resign?

Employees of software company Mozilla, best known for its Firefox internet browser, launch a Twitter campaign asking new chief executive Brendan Eich to step down over his stance on gay marriage.

article 28 March 2014 UK
Planning a gay wedding (G)
by We are so gay: planning a same-sex wedding

Two grooms on the cake, two aisles in the venue, and plenty of champagne: what's on the to-do list ahead of the first gay weddings in England and Wales this week.

video 27 March 2014 UK

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How far has Britain come on gay rights? - video

On Saturday, gay couples will be able to marry for the first time in Britain. Fiances Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor debate gay rights with journalists Milo Yiannopoulos and Eleanor Margolis.