article 27 September 2015 World, France
French Rafale fighter (Getty)
France hits Islamic State militants in Syria

France has launched airstrikes against the jihadi group in Syria for the first time and calls for a "global solution" to the Syrian crisis.

article 22 August 2015 World, France
French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman

Three American soldiers and a British businessman are being hailed as heroes after restraining a heavily armed attacker on a train in France.

article 20 August 2015 UK, France
Bernard Cazeneuve and Theresa May in Calais (Getty)
Migrant crisis: UK police to share command centre in Calais

British Home Secretary Theresa May signs a deal with her French counterpart in Calais and announces enhanced security measures to counter attempts by migrants to enter the UK illegally.

article 08 August 2015 UK, France
Calais crisis: migrants protest outside Eurotunnel

A small group of migrants protest near the Eurotunnel site shouting "we are not animals" as they ask authorities to open the border to the UK.

article 01 August 2015 UK, France
Folkestone demonstration (Reuters)
Government hits back over Calais 'blame game'

Downing Street insists the government vows to continue working closely with the French authorities after Labour demand compensation from France over the chaos at Calais.

article 31 July 2015 France
David Cameron warns migrant crisis will last all summer

Britain to send sniffer dogs and more fencing to Calais as the prime minister says disruption could last throughout the summer

article 30 July 2015 UK, France
Calais migrant camps: seventeen years of shanty towns

The migrant camp near Calais known as the Jungle is causing controversy. But it's not the first. Channel 4 News looks back at seventeen years of political impotence and refugee despair.

article 30 July 2015 UK, France
Calais migrant crisis: Who's problem is it anyway?

Thousands of migrants are reportedly trying to enter Britain through the Eurotunnel every single day - but what is true the scale of the problem and who's responsibility is it to fix it?

article 29 July 2015 UK, France
French and British governments step up security at Calais

France is to send 120 extra police officers to Calais in a bid to prevent migrants trying to enter the Channel Tunnel.

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