post 08 January 2016
Read more on Liam's blog 10 fascinating facts about the recent record breaking weather

After the warmest and wettest December on record for the UK, the statistics are in and they are fascinating.

post 05 January 2016
Read more on Liam's blog December 2015 was UK's wettest month on record

December 2015 was the wettest month on record for the UK, but how much did climate change and El Nino play a part?

post 23 December 2015
Read more on Liam's blog More heavy rain brings Christmas flood risk

More heavy rain through the Christmas period could bring further flooding - including to places already hit in recent weeks.

post 10 December 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Two floods in five days in Lake District village of Glenridding

Despite facing new torrents of flood water through their main street last night, residents of Glenridding say everyone is helping each other and others are worse off than them.

post 07 December 2015
Read more on Liam's blog Flood risk to continue this week

As residents in flood-hit areas start cleaning up, the news that more rain is on the way this week will not be welcome.

post 06 December 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Cumbria floods: the home invasions

A woman from Appleby-in-Westmorland is enjoying a night out in a local hotel in circumstances she would never have wanted: her home is flooded. The violation? The filthy, stinking floodwaters that ha

article 18 February 2015 UK
Under water: before-and-after images from the 2014 floods

In February 2014 large parts of southern England were flooded - from Surrey to Somerset and beyond. One year on, how are they faring? Move the slider across each image to see what happened.

post 02 December 2014
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: how governments mislead

The government is taking credit for spending on flood defences that was set out by the previous Labour government. And its claim ignores the effects of inflation over the past five years.

article 02 December 2014 UK
UK floods
Will the government's flood defence project hold water?

The Government is to invest 2.3bn in more than 1,400 flood defence projects to provide better protection from flooding for hundreds of thousands of homes.