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video 08 June 2014 UK, Falklands

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Leaving Europe 'disastrous' says Lord Carrington - video

He is one of the grandest of Tory grandees, given his first government job by Winston Churchill. He talks to Jon Snow about Margaret Thatcher, why he resigned and his thoughts on Europe.

article 12 August 2013 World, Falklands
UK 'considers legal action' against Spain over Gibraltar

Britain and Spain are locked in a dispute over Gibraltar that that has compounded tensions dating back to 1704. But what is fueling Britain's control issues over its overseas territory?

article 11 March 2013 UK, Falklands
Falklands referendum: voting continues for second day

Falkland islanders are voting in a referendum to decide if the disputed territory should remain part of Britain.

article 28 December 2012 Politics, Falklands
Ronald Reagan visits Margaret Thatcher in London (pic: Getty)
Reagan's Falklands plea to Thatcher

President Reagan issued a last-ditch appeal to Margaret Thatcher to abandon her campaign to retake the Falklands, according to official documents now made public.

article 22 July 2012 UK, Falklands
Isimelei Baleiwai
by Should disciplined troops who fought for UK be deported?

Foreign and Commonwealth soldiers who risked their lives serving in the British Army tell Channel 4 News they want the government to review a new law which leaves them subject to imminent deportation.

article 15 June 2012 World, Argentina
Argentina's President Fernandez at the U.N. headquarters in New York (Reuters)
Argentina demands talks over Falklands

As Argentina's president demands talks with the UK about the Falkland Islands, Prime Minister David Cameron insists there will be no negotiation.

article 14 June 2012 World, Falklands
Stanley, Falklands Islands (Reuters)
UN appearance for Argentina on Falklands anniversary

As the Falkland Islands marks the 30th anniversary of the end of the war, the president of Argentina goes to the United Nations to press her country's claim to the islands.

article 04 May 2012 UK, Argentina
Argentinian hockey player Fernando Zylberberg training on a British war memorial on the Falklands
Argentinian athlete's Falklands ad causes outrage

An advert shot on the Falkland Islands showing Argentinian hockey player Fernando Zylberberg training on a British war memorial prompts calls for him to be banned from the London Olympics.