article 24 August 2014 UK, United States
Ice bucket challenge - who'll be the spoilsport?

George W Bush has done it, but Barack Obama won't budge. David Cameron has just been nominated to get soaked in ice-cold water too - so who'll be first to step up to the bucket?

post 05 July 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Which tech company is dominant in a globalised world?

Does humanity have enough common ground to support truly global tech companies? Are there countries where Angry Birds just simply wouldn't fly?

post 30 June 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The truth about Facebook: it plays with your emotions all the time

It's not just a clever use of technology, or a one-off experiment: tracking and manipulating your emotions are at the very heart of Facebook's success.

article 17 June 2014 World, Iraq
Still from Isis video
by #Jihad: how Isis is using social media to win support

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis) is not just battling its way into the cities of Iraq  it is also fighting for global support and action via a major social media campaign.

article 22 May 2014 Business
Facebook knows what you're watching & listening to

Facebook's phone app will soon be able to listen in to your music and TV shows - and identify them, in a new Shazam-like feature aimed at hoovering up even more of your personal data.

post 12 May 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Will the real Geoff White please stand up?

Like many other brands, Samsung will have paid an ad agency to get their phone in front of my eyes. But as far as the tech giant is concerned, there are four different Geoff Whites...

post 09 May 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Is it possible to create a digital identity based on trust?

If we could instantly assess a person's trustworthiness, it would make money redundant. But things become tricky when we try to avoid using our legal identity.

article 16 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Facebook and its role in Ukraine's unrest (Getty)
by New frontier in Ukraine-Russia crisis: Facebook

It is not just protest groups using social media nowadays: governments are getting in on the act - and in unstable eastern Ukraine, Facebook has become a tool of conflict.

article 11 April 2014 UK
Women Who Eat On Tubes: the fightback begins

A "battle against feminism"? Campaigners tell Channel 4 News about the counter-attack to the controversial Facebook group.