article 24 May 2015 UK
Internet 'troll' convictions soar: is social media to blame?

Convictions for internet "trolls" who target people with abusive or offensive material online increase eight-fold in a decade, official figures reveal.

post 17 May 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Why tech companies think they can do news...

Tech companies are moving into news and the journalism industry needs to fight back, or risk the death of ground-shaking exclusives that hold the rich and powerful to account.

article 07 May 2015 UK
Sign for a polling station on a five-barred gate (Getty)
Election 2015: I'm a Voter so #IVoted

As party leaders head to their local polling stations, millions of people take to Facebook and Twitter to let their friends know they have voted, encouraging others to do the same.

article 06 May 2015 UK
How online is mobilising the youth vote at #election2015

Two young activists have been taking very different approaches to youth engagement at this general election.

article 19 March 2015 World, United States
The adopted children being given away on Facebook

American parents who adopted children from abroad are advertising them for readoption to strangers on a Facebook group, Channel 4 News finds.

post 27 January 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Crime is changing, and technology is playing a major role

News last week that crime rates had fallen to a record low gives an indication as to how that shift is taking place.

article 15 January 2015 World, Italy
The role of social media in Europe's migrant crisis

Facebook pages apparently set up by smugglers are specifically targeting Syrians as part of a new method of recruiting refugees to pay for places on board ships bound for Europe.

article 06 January 2015 UK
The six books that Mark Zuckerberg should read

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says his 2015 new year's resolution is to read a book every other week - here are six books we think he should read.

article 28 November 2014 UK
Facebook, Twitter told: be clear about how data used

Social networks must simplify terms and conditions, to ensure that their users are clear over how their personal data will be collected and used, MPs say.