post 06 October 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology What is Safe Harbor?

Safe Harbor - as the spelling suggests, it's a US-focused invention. But what on earth is it, and why does today's European Court of Justice decision on it matter?

post 16 September 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Facebook: what's not to like?

For a platform like Facebook, that is built largely on advertising money, a "dislike" button would be a brave move indeed.

post 14 July 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Apple Pay: who profits?

Hand over your fingerprint and credit card details to your iPhone 6, and you can swipe your handset to make purchases up to 20.

article 05 June 2015 World, United States
Sheryl Sandberg's Facebook tribute to husband

Following the sudden death of her husband Dave Goldberg, the Facebook COO published a heartfelt tribute to him online - which was shared more than 330,000 times within two days of its appearance.

article 05 June 2015 UK
Facebook under fire over 'disturbing' baby video

A children's charity says "it is time for social networking sites to be held to account" after a "disturbing" video was posted on Facebook showing a baby being dunked in water.

article 24 May 2015 UK
Internet 'troll' convictions soar: is social media to blame?

Convictions for internet "trolls" who target people with abusive or offensive material online increase eight-fold in a decade, official figures reveal.

post 17 May 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Why tech companies think they can do news...

Tech companies are moving into news and the journalism industry needs to fight back, or risk the death of ground-shaking exclusives that hold the rich and powerful to account.

article 07 May 2015 UK
Sign for a polling station on a five-barred gate (Getty)
Election 2015: I'm a Voter so #IVoted

As party leaders head to their local polling stations, millions of people take to Facebook and Twitter to let their friends know they have voted, encouraging others to do the same.

article 06 May 2015 UK
How online is mobilising the youth vote at #election2015

Two young activists have been taking very different approaches to youth engagement at this general election.