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Europe on the edge

Analysis from Channel 4 News of the financial crisis which threatens the future of the euro.

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article 24 February 2015 World, Greece
Greek flag (Reuters)
Paul Mason by Greeks pledge reforms to secure new euro bailout

Eurozone finance ministers approve reform proposals by Greece - including measures to combat tax evasion and fuel smuggling - in support of its application for a four-month extension of its bailout.

article 12 February 2015 World, Greece
Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's finance minister (Getty Images)
Yanis Varoufakis: from Dylan Thomas to Titanic

He was elected to renegotiate Greek's international bailout. But Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is just as famous for the way he talks about economics. Here are some of his best quotes.

post 26 January 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Cameron/Osborne: behold Greece and vote Conservative

Being asked about Greece was a tricky wicket for the Labour leader today. But the contrast with the blatant opportunism and attack mode of the Tories is striking.

post 27 August 2014
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Why there are fewer jihadis from the US than Britain

The authorities think that America has spawned several dozen jihadis as opposed to Britain's several hundred. This is because America has a totally different relationship to its ethnic minorities.

article 25 July 2014 UK
After the crisis: how the UK economy bounced back

From the Northern Rock collapse, to crashed markets via bust banks, coalitions cuts and painful austerity, this clickable graphic tracks how the British economy recovered.

post 22 July 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Flight MH17 - Putin tacks to restrain EU

European leaders will gather today for a foreign ministers' meeting that is expected to be dominated by the issues of Russia and Ukraine. But what will actually be done?

article 27 June 2014 World, Germany
Not so sauer: is Germany the new optimist of Europe?

With unemployment at its lowest since reunification, a growing economy and a chance of winning the football World Cup, a new study suggests Germany is at its most optimistic in history.

post 27 May 2014
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Payback time for the UK and Europe?

So is it payback time for the worst financial crisis in living memory? If so, who was to blame?

post 26 May 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog David Cameron joins Nigel Farage attack on politicians

A new and rather late recruit to the tide of anti-politics joined the baying mob this morning.