Energy prices


video 10 June 2014 UK

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Big six challenged on energy costs - video

Ofgem should have the power to force the big six energy firms to pass on lower wholesale costs to customers, shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint tells Channel 4 News.

article 16 May 2014 UK
E.ON to pay 12m for mis-selling to customers

Energy supplier E.ON will pay a record 12m to vulnerable customers after an investigation found it broke energy sales rules over a three-year period.

article 16 May 2014 UK
Six projects competing with the big six energy firms

With E.ON joining the list of energy companies having to pay a penalty for mis-selling, many consumers are switching to new providers - but what are the options?

article 16 May 2014 UK
Britain has five years before fossil fuels 'run out'
by Britain has five years before fossil fuels 'run out'

Time to move to Russia? A Global Sustainability Institute report says the UK could run out of oil, coal and gas supplies in just five years. See how the UK compares with the other top 10 economies.

article 19 April 2014 UK
British Gas denies staff 'paid extra for inflating bills'

The energy secretary says claims that British Gas paid its staff bonuses if they inflated customers' bills are "deeply disturbing". But the energy company denies the allegations.

article 02 April 2014 Science
'Greenest government ever', or blowing in the wind?

As reports emerge suggesting the Conservatives may remove support for wind farms from their next manifesto, Channel 4 News tracks the ups and downs of their stormy relationship on green issues.

article 27 March 2014 UK
'Big six' face investigation over energy bills

Ofgem says a full investigation will "once and for all clear the air" over whether the "big six" are blocking competition in the energy market - and making customers pay more for gas and electricity.

article 26 March 2014 UK
SSE advert
Energy supplier SSE sacrifices profits to freeze prices

SSE, one of the 'big six' energy firms, announces a price freeze for all customers until 2016. Last year its chief executive said a freeze would "lead to unsustainable loss-making businesses".

article 26 February 2014 UK
Pylons reflected in a power station window (Reuters)
by 'Big six' told to trade fairly - will it make a difference?

Energy regulator Ofgem says it is "tearing down barriers to competition" with new rules to benefit independent suppliers. But critics say the reforms will have little immediate benefit for consumers.