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post 19 December 2013
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Did MPs cherry pick the HMRC's tax avoidance figures?

A damning report from MPs accused HMRC of "losing its nerve" on tackling tax avoidance. The taxman has hit back, accusing MPs of using the figures misleadingly. Who is right?

article 18 December 2013 UK
Why more people are in personal debt that before the recession (Image: Reuters)
by Key questions: Why didn't the recession curb personal debt?

The national economy might be showing signs of recovery, but personal debt has climbed steadily in the last five years. So why are more and more people are putting Christmas on credit?

article 12 December 2013 UK
Some MPs have claimed they would reject the Ipsa pay rise (Image: Reuters)
by MPs 'cannot refuse' Ipsa's 11 per cent pay rise

MPs who choose to decline the 11 per cent pay rise proposed by Ipsa will be given the money whether they want it or not, so what will they do with it?

article 11 December 2013 UK
Students have called for police to leave university campuses (Image: Reuters)
by Key questions: Why are there so many cops on campus?

As students meet on a national day of action to get #CopsOffCampus, Channel 4 News looks at the increasing anger over campus policing.

article 10 December 2013 World, South Africa
Jacob Zuma (Image: Reuters)
by Mandela memorial: why the crowds booed President Zuma

With the world's leaders looking on, it was a chance for South Africa's President Jacob Zuma to shine. So why did some of his countrymen choose to publicly humiliate him?

article 27 November 2013 Politics, Germany
Chancellor Angela Merkel's out-going centre-right coalition government has at last reached a
by Germany's grand coalition government - the key questions

Chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right coalition government has at last struck a "grand coalition" deal with the centre-left Social Democrats. But why the wait and what does it mean for us?

post 26 November 2013
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Scotland hands its economic future to England

Scotland's first minister insists there is a "very, very powerful argument" for Scotland to retain use of sterling. FactCheck investigates.

post 21 November 2013
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Independent Scotland faces a fight over UK defence assets

The Scottish government has insisted that it will inherit its "fair share" of UK defence assets if it becomes independent. But FactCheck finds a report from the government begs to differ.

article 18 November 2013 UK
Co-op bank (Image: Getty)
by Co-op's Paul Flowers not interviewed by regulators

Reverend Paul Flowers was not interviewed by regulators when he was appointed Co-op Bank chairman, the financial watchdog reveals, as it renews calls for checks on senior City appointments.