Edward Snowden


article 04 November 2015 UK
Home Secretary Theresa May (Reuters)
Theresa May: surveillance bill has 'strong safeguards'

Unveiling a draft Investigatory Powers Bill, Home Secretary Theresa May tells MPs it represents a "significant departure" from previous proposals dubbed the snoopers' charter by critics.

post 06 October 2015
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Safe Harbor - as the spelling suggests, it's a US-focused invention. But what on earth is it, and why does today's European Court of Justice decision on it matter?

article 01 June 2015 World, United States
NSA headquarters at Fort Meade
NSA loses Patriot Act phone-spying powers

US spy agencies lose the legal authority to collect Americans' phone records and other data after the Senate failed to pass legislation extending such powers.

article 26 May 2015 UK
Snowden leaks: undermining security or defending privacy?

The whistleblower Edward Snowden is defended by a privacy watchdog as a new report claims his "reckless" actions caused "serious damage" to counter terrorism.

post 12 March 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Does GCHQ really only use 'a fraction' of its data?

The findings in today's intelligence and security committee report seem at odds with the picture presented by documents from the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

post 12 March 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Surveillance declared legal - but would a new law change anything?

There are different rules about what the spy agencies can do in Britain, compared to the rest of the world - will a replacement law give the same protection within and outside the UK?

article 12 March 2015 UK
'Snooping' laws: what can we expect from MP's spying report?

The power of UK security agencies to access private communications will be examined in a parliamentary report due to be published on Thursday.

post 06 February 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Spying: who's got your back?

The people who are supposed to be protecting our privacy from the spies are mostly former judges and politicians. Transparency doesn't appear high on their list.

article 06 February 2015 UK, United States
GCHQ (Getty Images)
GCHQ broke the law by spying on UK citizens

GCHQ broke the law in its access to billions of emails and online address books gathered by American spies, the UK's surveillance watchdog has ruled.