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article 12 August 2015 UK
Labour leadership candidates
Labour leadership vote extended after website crash

Labour extends the deadline for people to register to vote in its leadership election after the party's website crashed.

post 22 June 2015
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The government is acutely aware that some of the voters critical to its victory in swing seats were workers at the lower end of the pay scale who were claiming tax credits.

post 04 June 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Royal Mail sell off: Ed Miliband is back

George Osborne announces the sell-off of the last third of Royal Mail and Ed Miliband gives his first speech in nine years from the back benches.

post 14 May 2015
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Despite a commitment to women's rights from the outset, the Labour party has yet to have a female leader. Could that be about to change?

post 12 May 2015
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Will the unions decide the next Labour leader? Possibly - but most did not see a leadership contest coming and are scrambling to get organised.

article 08 May 2015 UK
Ed Miliband (Reuters)
Ed Miliband resigns as Labour leader: who will replace him?

As Labour leader Ed Miliband resigns after a crushing defeat in the general election, there are several likely successors, including Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna.

post 08 May 2015
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Three party leaders have now resigned within an hour and a half, but Ed Miliband's must be the biggest emotional shock to the individual concerned.

post 07 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog If that exit poll is right...

If the exit poll is right, the Tories will have lost something like only 10 seats or so to Labour. And as the results come in we may find they may have pinched some off Labour.

post 06 May 2015
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Things could be shaken up in the days to come in ways many of us won't have forseen.