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post 27 March 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Cameron's blind spots on zero hours and food banks

Did David Cameron dodge questions on food banks and zero hours contracts during last night's interview with Jeremy Paxman?

post 27 March 2015
Read more from Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Gurublog Cameron drops his Flashman style, Miliband comes out fighting

Polls shows David Cameron came out on top in last night's election special. So the big question for Labour is, can they do enough in these TV appearances to make a difference?

post 27 March 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Cameron and Miliband face Paxman's panto villain routine

Will last night's general election programme, in which Jeremy Paxman grilled the Labour and Conservative leaders, swing undecided voters towards Ed Miliband or David Cameron?

article 26 March 2015 UK
Cameron and Miliband: the battle for No 10 begins

David Cameron and Ed Miliband clash with Jeremy Paxman in the first public contest leading up to the general election, and take a grilling from the public on their records and future promises.

post 26 March 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Cameron vs Miliband - the dodgy claims to watch out for

David Cameron and Ed Miliband make their big pitch to the nation tonight. Don't want to get taken in by the spin? Read this first.

article 26 March 2015 UK
Jeremy Paxman grilled ahead of leaders' interviews

Ahead of Thursday evening's leader's interviews, Michael Crick confronts host Jeremy Paxman about whether he is sympathetic to the Conservative Party.

post 25 March 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog No VAT rise in next government, Cameron says

The Tories claim they laid a giant elephant trap on VAT and that Ed Miliband walked right into it - but you can't help wondering if Treasury mandarins are tearing their hair out.

article 23 March 2015 UK
David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg
What's wrong with our MPs?

With the general election just 45 days away, parties are desperate to energise their supporters to get the vote out on 7 May. But disillusionment with the political process has never been higher.

article 22 March 2015 Politics
SNP-Labour pact: who would hold the power?

Alex Salmond is branded "terrifying" and "arrogant" as he sets out negotiations for any post-election SNP deal with Labour.