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Economy: from crash to cuts

The global financial crisis from the banking collapse to the credit crunch and a new era of cuts and austerity.

article 12 December 2011 UK, European Union
Clegg absent as Cameron defends EU veto decision
Clegg absent as Cameron defends EU veto decision

As David Cameron makes efforts to smooth the growing Europe rift inside the coalition, Political Editor Gary Gibbon says Nick Clegg's absence in the Commons was the key talking point earlier.

article 16 February 2011 UK
Food poverty on the rise as recession hits home
Food poverty on the rise as recession hits home (Getty)
Gary Gibbon by

In 21st century Britain, you would not expect people across the country to need food handouts to survive - particularly those with jobs. But that's exactly what Political Editor Gary Gibbon finds.

article 07 March 2011 UK
Could selling off Britain's assets cut the debt?
Could flogging off the family silver cut the debt? (Dispatches)

The Government owns 337bn of assets, from Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge. But what exactly does it own, and should it sell items to pay off the national debt? Channel 4's Dispatches investigates.


article 27 January 2014 UK
by London calling - and creating 80 per cent of new jobs

A third of 22 to 30-year-olds who leave home move to London. But with the capital creating 80 per cent of private sector jobs, who can blame them? Channel 4 News hears from young people on the move.

article 27 January 2014 UK
A tale of three cities (Ciaran Hughes graphic)
by A tale of three cities: London, Bristol and Newcastle

The capital is attracting a third of 22 to 30-year-olds who leave home, says a new report. It may have the jobs, but what about rent  and the all important price of a pint? Channel 4 News compares.

article 26 January 2014 UK
Ed Balls pledges 50p top rate of tax reinstated
What you said about the 50p top rate of tax - survey results

A Channel 4 News survey finds the majority of people are in favour of the 50p top rate of tax, which Ed Balls said Labour would reinstate if elected.

article 24 January 2014 UK
Cost of living wages salary Cameron Britain
Britons better off? Cameron says pay is rising

The Conservatives are taking on Labour in the "cost of living crisis" debate, saying that statistics show take-home pay has risen over the last year. But Labour disputes the figures.

article 23 January 2014 World
Davos v Davos Drive: go compare (infographic)
Davos vs Davos Drive: go compare

As the great and the good meet in Davos, Switzerland this week, Channel 4 News takes a graphic look at how life at the top compares with life on the ground at Davos Drive, Staffordshire.

article 22 January 2014 World
World Economic Forum in Davos (picture: Getty)
Davos: creating the impression of business being done

The powerful attending the World Economic Forum in Davos must create the impression of action. What they will not do, writes Andrew Simms, is change the system to meet the needs of society.

video 17 January 2014 UK

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Ed Miliband keynote speech on the economy - video

With the next UK general election less than 16 months away, Labour leader Ed Miliband sets out his proposals to reform of the British economy so it can earn its way out of the "cost of living crisis".


'The world's biggest ever transfer of risk saw the banking system's rotten debts, effectively transferred to governments and taxpayers.'