David Doyle


article 26 November 2014 UK
Islamic State
by Forget Facebook: jihadists are using different networks

Facebook faces criticism for failing to act over an online chat in which one of Lee Rigby's murderers discussed "killing a soldier" - but it is hardly the only route terrorists use to communicate.

video 24 October 2014 UK

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Trolled cyclist wants justice after kicking - video

Raphael Carrondo, who was on the receiving end of cyclist-on-cyclist violence, tells Channel 4 News there is no excuse for kicking a cyclist's front wheel - and he wants justice.

article 20 October 2014 World
by Islamic State: just a bunch of #daeshbags?

A new hashtag is taking off on Twitter, and for once it is not One Direction related. It is #daeshbags - and it fits into an online movement ridiculing the #IslamicState group.

article 16 October 2014 UK
Kieran Stanbridge
by 'I knew they were watching me': inside online bullying

How would you cope with a bullying that followed you everywhere you went? For young people on social media apps, cyber-bullying is an ever-present menace.

article 11 October 2014 UK
Sound Minds
by Living with schizophrenia: two musicians' stories - video

World Mental Health Day drove a massive social media spike in people discussing schizophrenia - but what is it like living with the condition? Channel 4 News spoke to two musicians.

article 08 October 2014 World, Guinea
African boy and Excalibur the ebola dog
by Who matters? 300,000 petition to save 'Ebola dog'

With more than 3,400 people dead in west Africa and 7,500 infected in the latest Ebola outbreak, 300,000 people sign a petition demanding action... to save an infected dog.

article 05 October 2014 World, Iraq
Pakistan Taliban
by 'We are with you': new allies for Islamic State

The Pakistani Taliban is reported to have pledged to send fighters to support the Islamic State group in the fight against the "enemies who are united against you".

article 09 September 2014 World, Syria
Islamic State video
by Islamic State video shows Assad army base massacre

Islamic State releases a slick new propaganda video showing the massacre of Bashar al-Assad's 93rd brigade in Raqqa in August.

article 27 August 2014 World, Syria
Syrian children
by The 'immeasurable suffering' of the Syrian people

Murder, torture and rape - a UN report catalogues the "unimaginable" horrors being heaped upon the people of Syria by the government, rebel groups and the Islamic State.