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video 14 August 2014 UK

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A-level students: teenage optimism vs hard truths - video

It's A-level results day and before these students could fully enjoy themselves, Channel 4 News thought they'd go and tell them a few hard 'truths'.

article 30 June 2014 UK
Glastonbury 2014 Festival (picture: Getty)
by 12 things I learned as a Glastonbury virgin

Channel 4 News sent a Glastonbury virgin to this year's event. He has returned, covered in mud and smelling a little funky, with his pearls of festival wisdom.

video 25 June 2014 UK

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Glastonbury's 'glorious mud' - video

Mud is a consistent theme of Glastonbury - and looks likely again with rain forecast this weekend. But that has not dampened attendance, as shown here with the assistance of the 'Hippopotamus Song'.

article 17 June 2014 World, Iraq
Still from Isis video
by #Jihad: how Isis is using social media to win support

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis) is not just battling its way into the cities of Iraq  it is also fighting for global support and action via a major social media campaign.

article 04 June 2014 World
Alien city (picture: Getty)
by How close are we to discovering alien life?

An alien world covered in cities and giant structures that reach into the heavens - science fiction, or is science on the verge of discovering extra-terrestrial life?

article 30 May 2014 World, India
Students in New Delhi protest the rape and murder of two Dalit girls
by Words but not action: failing to end India's rape crisis

The rape and murder of two girls in India show how official words have not translated into action to address issues of sexual violence and poverty, Human Rights Watch tells Channel 4 News.

article 29 May 2014 World, Malaysia
Search for MH370 (picture: Getty)
by Is it back to square one in the hunt for MH370?

It is a dark day in the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370  and one expert tells Channel 4 News that a search that it was hoped would take weeks is now likely to take years.

article 27 May 2014 UK
Children in the 1980s and the 2010s
by Was Britain better for children 30 years ago?

A YouGov poll for Channel 4 News finds four-in-five Ukip voters believe the UK was a better place to raise children 20-30 years ago. But is this true? And what do you think?

article 14 May 2014 Culture
David Tennant, Mel Gibson, Dick van Dyke and Russell Crowe (pictures: Getty)
by Nine accents dodgier than David Tennant's US drawl

David Tennant's "rogue" American accent in new television series Gracepoint is slated by critics - but does it make it into the pantheon of all-time great, terrible accents?