article 28 August 2014 UK
Oxford graduated
Who runs Britain? Probably not the likes of you, says report

Britain is "deeply elitist" and top roles in society are dominated by Oxbridge graduates, according to a report.

article 27 August 2014 UK
Jordan Jarrett-Bryan by Where are all the Asian footballers?

It is easy to assume that Asian people do not play football because they do not like the game - but that assumption only exists because we do not see them playing, writes Jordan Jarrett-Bryan.

article 27 August 2014 Culture
Kate Bush live comeback - the no spoiler review. (Photo: Ken McKay/REX)
Kate Bush live comeback - the no spoiler Q&A

A peep at the Kate Bush comeback show, with no spoilers, we promise.

article 26 August 2014 Culture
Kate Bush's first Before the Dawn show - in tweets

Kate Bush returns to the stage after 35 years. And for the thousands who didn't manage to get tickets, a gleeful, celebrity-filled audience are taking to Twitter to tease.

article 26 August 2014 World
Stop claiming e-cigarettes help to quit smoking, says WHO

WHO says e-cigarettes should be banned indoors and that manufacturers should stop claiming they are an aid to quitting smoking. But some ex-smokers tell Channel 4 News they helped.

article 25 August 2014 UK
Richard Attenborough in his own words

British actor and director Richard Attenborough, who starred The Great Escape and Jurassic Park, and directed the film Gandhi, dies at the age of 90. Channel 4 News looks back on his words of wisdom.

article 24 August 2014 UK, United States
Ice bucket challenge - who'll be the spoilsport?

George W Bush has done it, but Barack Obama won't budge. David Cameron has just been nominated to get soaked in ice-cold water too - so who'll be first to step up to the bucket?

article 24 August 2014 UK
Sir Cliff Richard quizzed by detectives over sex crime claim

Sir Cliff Richard is interviewed by detectives investigating a sex crime claim involving a young boy, his spokesman announces.

article 23 August 2014 UK
Is Notting Hill carnival in danger of losing its soul?

The Notting Hill carnival kicks off its 50-year celebrations this weekend in what has become one of the world's largest street festivals. It started life, though, as a political protest.