post 19 April 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Books for blokes: what will get men reading?

Let's face it lads: we don't read as much literature as women - partly because there is no male equivalent of softcore romantic fiction. Tweet your book nominations to #C4booksforblokes

article 19 April 2014 UK
Liverpool FC, neon colours and Tories: 1990 all over again?

When Liverpool last won the title in 1990, Margaret Thatcher was still in power, the Soviet Union was in crisis and we were still wearing neon colours. What else has changed?

article 18 April 2014 World, Colombia
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: falling in love with Gabo

A Colombian friend once told me with no hint of irony, that any love affair with Latin America required some kind of relationship with Gabo, writes Thom Walker.

article 18 April 2014 World, Ireland
Irish dancers in London
by 'It's not all wigs & make-up': Irish dancers come to London

One week after the Irish president's visit, London is hosting the World Irish Dancing Championships. Channel 4 News delves into the world of wigs and jigs - and gets a few tips from the dancers.

article 17 April 2014 UK, Philippines
Happy - from Haiyan to British Muslims
'Because I'm happy': UK Muslims to typhoon survivors - video

Videos of people dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" are pouring onto the web: most recently in a "viral" British Muslims video - but videos are also emerging from the most unlikely of places.

article 16 April 2014 Culture, Germany
Wolfgang Beltracchi at work
Paraic O'Brien by Portrait of the artist as a conman

Until he was exposed by using an incorrect pigment, Wolfgang Beltracchi was the world's most successful art forger. Channel 4 News meets the man whose forgeries are now valuable in their own right.

article 16 April 2014 Culture
Beardy men, be warned: 'peak beard' is fast approaching

Just as the beard has edged its way back into the mainstream, scientists issue a "peak beard" warning to the male of the species. But are too many beards a turn-off? You be the judge.

article 15 April 2014 UK
Hillsborough memorial remembers 96 victims 25 years on

A memorial service marks 25 years since the Hillsborough disaster claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool football fans.

video 14 April 2014 World, France

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Juliette Binoche on art, family and saving the world - video

Actress Juliette Binoche, speaking last month about her new film A Thousand Times Goodnight, says she lives with the dilemma of "wanting to change the world" at the same time as having a family.