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The horror in Homs, Syria
The horror in Homs 22 February 2012

As the bombardment in the Syrian city of Homs continues, Channel 4 News broadcasts a special report from a photographer who captures with shocking clarity the intense assault on the city.

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Aylan Kurdi
Aylan Kurdi: images that changed UK views on refugees? 03 September 2015

The heart-breaking images of a Syrian toddler lying dead on a Turkish beach have reverberated around the world, but will they lead to a change in British attitudes towards the refugee crisis?

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Bosco Ntaganda
Congolese rebel Bosco Ntaganda faces war crime charges 02 September 2015

The former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda pleads not guilty to 18 charges of war crimes at the International Criminal Court today.

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United States

Channel 4 Blog
Sanders time: why is America feeling the Bern? 31 August 2015

Bernie Sanders, America's answer to Jeremy Corbyn, is giving Hillary Clinton a scare in the campaign to get the Democratic nomination for next years US presidential election.

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Clashes outside parliament in Kiev (Reuters)
National guardsman dies in Ukraine parliament clashes 31 August 2015

A Ukrainian national guardsman dies and scores more are injured as grenades are thrown at a demonstration against concessions to pro-Russian separatists.

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