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Family of 12 from Luton 'could be in  Syria' (Beds Police)
Family of 12 from Luton 'could be in Syria' 01 July 2015

The family group from Luton, which reportedly includes a baby and two grandparents, failed to return home from a holiday in Bangladesh in May. Police say they could have gone to Syria.

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The horror in Homs, Syria
The horror in Homs 22 February 2012

As the bombardment in the Syrian city of Homs continues, Channel 4 News broadcasts a special report from a photographer who captures with shocking clarity the intense assault on the city.

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Islamic State kill at least 70 in Egypt 01 July 2015

At least 70 people die in a coordinated attack by Islamic State militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. Lasting several hours, the assault targets several military checkpoints.

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Channel 4 Blog
Greece debt crisis: Tsipras prepares for compromise deal 01 July 2015

Alexis Tsipras is getting ready to stage a climbdown and he will tell the people of Greece he's about to accept something very very similar to the conditional bailout he rejected.

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Yomi Adegoke
Everyday sexism: the reality of #Being Female In Nigeria 01 July 2015

As Women in Africa's most populous nation use social media to highlight everyday sexism Yomi Adegoke says being a woman in Nigeria is radically different from being a woman from Nigeria.

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