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Gun attack in Canada
Ottawa shooting: gunman killed after shooting soldier dead 22 October 2014

A gunman is shot down inside Canada's parliament building after fatally shooting a soldier guarding the National War Memorial. The city remains under lockdown as police check for more assailants.

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The horror in Homs, Syria
The horror in Homs 22 February 2012

As the bombardment in the Syrian city of Homs continues, Channel 4 News broadcasts a special report from a photographer who captures with shocking clarity the intense assault on the city.

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Sierra Leone

Science Editor Tom Clarke in Crab Town, Sierra Leone
On the Ebola frontline in Sierra Leone 22 October 2014

In some neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Freetown, Ebola orphans are left to fend for themselves while ambulances can't respond to Ebola calls. Science Editor Tom Clarke reports from Crab Town.

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Is Russia's Valeriya a Kremlin cheerleader? - video 21 October 2014

For Russian pop star Valeriya, tonight's London concert is a dream come true. But critics want to ban her because she supports Vladimir Putin's anti-gay legislation and his annexation of Crimea.

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South Africa

Pistorius gets five years - but may serve less than one 21 October 2014

Oscar Pistorius is given five years in prison in a sentence the judge hoped was "fair and just both to society and the accused". But legal experts say he may serve just 10 or 20 months in jail.

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