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article 26 May 2015 UK, Greece
Pablo Iglesias (Getty)
Europe's anti-austerity movements: from Podemos to the SNP

The surge in support for the radical left Podemos party in Spain's regional elections is the latest manifestation of a spectre haunting Europe: the rise of the anti-austerity movement.

article 26 May 2015 UK
David Cameron and Angela Merkel (Getty)
EU renegotiation: what does Britain want?

David Cameron says Britain is "not happy with the status quo" in the EU, so what changes is he seeking as he prepares for a referendum?

article 23 May 2015 UK, Canada
The ruthless reality of the Election 2015 digital campaign

As the Conservatives and SNP prepare for battle in a radically altered political landscape, we reveal the relentless precision of the social media campaigns that became vital to their success.

post 22 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Why David Cameron needs some German stamping and Gallic scowling

President Hollande said this wasn't the place or the time to discuss David Cameron's concerns. But that, on the fringes of this summit, is what David Cameron did.

post 22 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog EU renegotiation: Cameron warns of knock-backs and rows

David Cameron plans to remind EU leaders that nearly 4 million British voters backed Ukip. He thinks some EU countries under-estimate the British desire to move from the status quo in Europe.

article 15 May 2015 UK
Justice Secretary Michael Gove (Reuters)
Can Gove push through plan to scrap human rights act?

Justice Secretary Michael Gove could face opposition from Conservative MP David Davis to government plans to scrap the human rights act. And the SNP's Alex Salmond has described the plan as "insane".

article 13 May 2015 UK
Davud Cameron (Reuters)
Government crackdown on 'poisonous ' Islamist extremism

David Cameron announces the government will combat "poisonous Islamist extremist ideology" by banning organisations and clamping down on those seeking to radicalise young people.

article 12 May 2015 UK
RMT members vote for first big showdown with Tory government

Network Rail workers vote overwhelmingly for a strike over pay as the government pushes ahead with plans to make it harder for public sector workers to stage walkouts.

article 08 May 2015 UK
Boris Johnson speaks after winning his seat in Uxbridge (Reuters)
Can Boris Johnson go all the way to Number 10?

An unexpected parliamentary majority has given David Cameron his second term as PM. But with Boris Johnson returning to the Commons, the London mayor is already being touted as his successor.