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video 29 August 2014 Politics

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'1,000 for a Ukip defector? Not too bad!' - video

Ukip donor Stuart Wheeler admits to having had lunch with eight Tory MPs, one of whom - Douglas Carswell - has just joined Ukip. He tells Matt Frei Mr Carswell was very brave to defect.

video 29 August 2014 UK

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Ukip parades Carswell and targets more MPs

The defection of MP Douglas Carswell from the Conservatives to Ukip means all anyone wants to know now is whether Nigel Farage has any more rabbits in his hat.

article 28 August 2014 Politics
Defection of Tory MP to Ukip 'self-defeating' - Cameron

Conservative Party MP Douglas Carswell resigns as an MP and defects to Ukip, saying principles are more important than political careers. David Cameron describes his departure as "deeply regrettable".

article 11 August 2014 UK
Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds resigns

Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds quits the government and is standing down as an MP at the next general election.

article 10 August 2014 UK
Baroness Warsi: 'Tories can't win general election'

David Cameron won't win a majority at the next election because he has failed to woo ethnic minorities, according to Baroness Warsi, Britain's first female Muslim cabinet minister.

article 05 August 2014 UK, Israel
Baroness Warsi
Baroness Warsi quits government over Gaza

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, senior minister of state at the foreign office and minister for faith and communities, resigns from the government over its policy on Gaza.

post 31 July 2014
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Exclusive: Tory MP urges government 'rethink' on Gaza

A letter from a Tory MP to the foreign secretary, seen by Channel 4 News, shows the first signs of serious unease emerging in Conservative ranks about the government's stance on the conflict in Gaza.

article 22 July 2014 UK
Left to right: David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP (pictures: Getty)
Two MPs to sue government over data law 'stitch-up'

Two MPs, Tom Watson and David Davis, are to sue the government for introducing "ridiculous" emergency legislation allowing police and security services access to people's phone and internet records.

article 15 July 2014 UK
by New cabinet minister or TV politician? Take the quiz

Prime Minister David Cameron promotes some new faces to his cabinet. But can you tell the difference between the real deal and the actors pretending to be politicians in shows like The Thick of It?