Congo (Democratic Republic of)


article 02 September 2015 World, Congo
Bosco Ntaganda
Congolese rebel Bosco Ntaganda faces war crime charges

The former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda pleads not guilty to 18 charges of war crimes at the International Criminal Court today.

post 06 November 2014
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog The UK's fight against sexual violence must not falter

William Hague was at the forefront of battling sexual violence against women - but a change of jobs should not be allowed to scupper the campaign.

article 25 August 2014 World, Guinea
by The deadly spread of Ebola - clickable map

The first Briton to get Ebola is flown into London for treatment, as the death toll rises to 1,427 people. Channel 4 News speaks to the man who discovered Ebola and charts the spread of the disease.

article 11 February 2014 World, Congo
Credit: African Parks/Pete Oxford
Bloody battle to save Congo elephants from ivory poachers

As a conference on wildlife trafficking opens in London, Congo conservationists claim Chinese in the country are boosting the supply of AK47 bullets to poor communities to encourage elephant poaching.

post 12 November 2013
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Dr Jo Lusi: healing the wounds of men's inhumanity to women

Dr Jo Lusi believes his mission - to rescue Congolese women from the rapists, repair their hideous wounds, and reconstruct a society savaged by war - is a cause worth dying for.

post 27 July 2013
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog A Season in the Congo: Lumumba's rise makes electric theatre

The play A Season in the Congo, which has opened in London, is suffused with the light of Congolese creativity. Jonathan Miller went to see it - and recommends some other literary greats in the proces

article 14 May 2013 Congo
Angelina Jolie (Getty)
Cathy Newman by Why I admire Angelina for taking on the taboos

Channel 4 News accompanied Angelina Jolie on a mission to Congo earlier this year. The actress made the gruelling trip despite undergoing major surgery, writes Cathy Newman.

article 29 March 2013 World, Congo
UN troops in a special brigade will go on the offensive against rebels in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (picture: Getty)
Unprecedented UN force to battle Congolese rebels

The UN authorises an unprecedented military unit to fight rebel groups, alone or with the Congolese army, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

video 27 March 2013 World, Congo

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Warzone rape: Hague and Jolie visit refugee camps - video

William Hague and Angelina Jolie travel to refugee camps in the heart of Africa as part of a campaign to end what's been called the monstrosity of our age - warzone rape. Cathy Newman reports.

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