Climate change


post 15 July 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Fond and not-so-fond farewells to 'four brains' and OPatz

Owen Paterson, the outgoing environment secretary, was loathed by environmentalists and animal lovers. By contrast former science minister David Willetts was the darling of academics.

post 26 June 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Was Lord Smith's Environment Agency to blame for the floods?

The Environment Agency's Lord Smith had to face angry citizens during the winter floods. But isn't that the job of ministers?

post 04 June 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Coalition parties show their true colours on green policies

Nick Clegg famously mocked the Conservative party's environmental posturing by saying you could only turn blue into green by adding yellow - but the colours have failed to mix.

post 02 June 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Obama is brave - but King Coal has already lost its crown

President Obama is taking a bold stand on climate emissions. But conservative critics are exaggerating the risk to the US economy.

article 16 May 2014 UK
Ayebridges Avenue, Egham, flooded in February
by How one Surrey street was torn apart by February's floods

In February, Channel 4 News reported from Ayebridges Avenue, near Staines, as residents reeled under the devastation of flooding. Three months on, many of them have still not returned.

post 29 April 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog 'Climate of fear' over corporate sponsorship in theatre

Protesters mass at the British Museum, dressed as Vikings, to oppose the sponsorship of an exhibition by oil company BP - but when funds are low - where else can you turn?

article 13 April 2014 World
Fixing climate change 'not a free lunch'

At the launch of a UN climate change report, a leading expert admits dealing with climate change is not a free lunch - but adds that, for the sake of our future, it is a lunch worth buying.

article 02 April 2014 UK
Scientists challenge work of climate change dissenter

With other academics hotly challenging his input into the ongoing debate about the likely effects of climate change, Professor Richard Tol tells Channel 4 News: "I'm an independent counsel".

article 02 April 2014 Science
'Greenest government ever', or blowing in the wind?

As reports emerge suggesting the Conservatives may remove support for wind farms from their next manifesto, Channel 4 News tracks the ups and downs of their stormy relationship on green issues.