Climate change


post 29 January 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Shell resumes Arctic drilling plans

The energy giant Royal Dutch Shell is reviving plans to drill in the Arctic, saying the world needs new sources of oil. Environmentalists say the risks are too high.

article 17 December 2014 World, United States
AGU conference
Climate scientists' biggest test: communication

Climate change scientists in San Francisco face their toughest test yet, as they try to find ways to convince the public of the need to act on their bleak findings.

article 14 December 2014 World
New climate change plan agreed by over 190 nations

The world's worst polluters agree to a new plan to tackle climate change, but some environmental campaigners are scathing about the deal.

article 03 December 2014 UK
Rainy weather at the 2014 Notting Hill Carnival (Getty)
2014 hottest year on record - ahem, apart from August

The Met Office confirms that 2014 is set to be the hottest year on record and says human influence on the climate is probably to blame.

post 20 November 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Is there a new fracking battle on the way?

What would it take to convince you to allow the mining of shale gas under your property? The giant chemical group Ineos thinks it has the answer,

video 15 November 2014 World, United States

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Is President Obama serious about climate change? - video

President Obama called on every nation to reach a global climate agreement. But in America, the new Congress has just taken the first step to approve a huge oil pipeline.

article 02 November 2014 World
Climate change 'irreversible' if fossil fuels stay dominant
Climate change 'irreversible' if fossil fuels stay dominant

The world is at risk of soaring temperatures by the year 2100 unless gas and coal reserves are left in the ground, warns an international report on climate change.

video 22 September 2014 World

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Naomi Klein: 'An individual can't overpower a lobby' - video

As the world's leaders meet in New York for the UN climate summit, Naomi Klein, environmental activist and author, speaks with Jake Dyson, the entrepreneur, about what can be done.

article 22 September 2014 UK, China
UN climate change summit - Q&A

This weekend saw the world's biggest march on climate change to date. Will the enthusiasm be replicated at the New York on Tuesday? Channel 4 News takes a look.