Ciaran Hughes


article 02 April 2014 World, Afghanistan
Afghanista - then and now (pictures: Reuters and Getty)
by Afghanistan: then and now - infographic

As Britain hands over operational command of Helmand province to the US, Channel 4 News looks at how Afghanistan has changed since the war began in 2001 - from opium production to education.

article 01 April 2014 UK, Argentina
by Should football fans get shirty over a 90 England top?

England supporters are having to pay a hefty 90 for the latest World Cup replica shirt - but compared to other nations going to Brazil they may not be getting such a raw deal.

article 26 March 2014 UK
Women on boards (picture: Getty)
by All aboard? Women make up one fifth of FTSE 100 boards

Women account for a fifth of FTSE 100 board members, a report from Cranfield University finds, three years after former trade minister Lord Davies challenged business to pursue gender equality.

article 25 March 2014 World
Gay rights protesters in Kiev, Ukraine (Getty Images)
by Gay rights: from marriage to the death penalty - graphic

As England and Wales prepare to celebrate same-sex marriage, Uganda passes a law that stops short of including the death penalty for homosexual acts. Advances in gay rights continue to be hard won.

article 24 March 2014 World, South Africa
by Pistorius v his neighbours - clickable graphic

Three weeks in, the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has already heard key evidence from prosecution witnesses. Check out our interactive graphic to compare Pistorius's account with his neighbours'.

article 17 March 2014 World, South Africa
by How it happened, according to Oscar - clickable graphic

Oscar Pistorius does not deny killing Reeva Steenkamp, but says it was a terrible mistake. Check out our clickable graphic to see his account of what happened on Valentine's day 2013.

article 04 March 2014 UK
by Childcare: why is it so expensive to look after our kids?

Parents with two children pay more on childcare than they do on their mortgages, a report finds - but why is it so expensive to care for our children?

article 01 March 2014 Culture
by This is the most-played Spotify song of all time

Avicii's Wake Me Up has become the first song to reach 200m streams on Spotify. At four and a half minutes long, that means it has been played for a whopping 1,700 years...

article 27 February 2014 UK, Germany
Angela Merkel meets David Cameron and the Queen
by When Mutti met the monarch - cartoon

All was going well for German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her one-day visit to Britain - until Europe's most powerful woman headed down to the palace for a cup of tea and a bun.