Ciaran Hughes


article 10 June 2014 Brazil
Contrasting weather in Brazil (Getty Images)
by An awful lot of weather in Brazil - infographic

All eyes will be on England's team in the coming weeks as they face some testing matches in Brazil. But the weather will provide its own challenges too - so what can they expect?

article 09 June 2014 World
by Science fact and science fiction: a timeline of AI

From Terminator to the Turing test, a timeline of the most significant developments in artificial intelligence (plus some pretty cool, and prescient, sci-fi books and films).

article 20 May 2014 Culture, United States
by US students want warnings on classic books

Some universities in the US want "trigger warnings" on the classics to warn vulnerable students of the content. In some ways a laudable aim - but is it a step too far? We've re-imagined some covers...

article 19 May 2014
by Beyond GDP: measuring happiness with eyeglasses and birdsong

A UN committee says we should consider measures beyond GDP to really see how successful, wealthy and happy a nation is. Here's why.

article 16 May 2014 UK
Britain has five years before fossil fuels 'run out'
by Britain has five years before fossil fuels 'run out'

Time to move to Russia? A Global Sustainability Institute report says the UK could run out of oil, coal and gas supplies in just five years. See how the UK compares with the other top 10 economies.

article 10 May 2014 World, Ukraine
Eurovision Song Contest logo
by Nul points? Ukraine and Russia's Eurovision showdown

One of the talking points at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will be how many points Ukraine and Russia award to one another. Our graphic looks back at how the countries have voted in the past.

article 24 April 2014 UK, Scotland
by What the UK would look like if all separatists got their way

First Scotland, now even the UK relationship with Cornwall looks a bit iffy. Channel 4 News imagines what the UK might look like if various independence movements, big and small, got their way.

article 02 April 2014 World, Afghanistan
Afghanista - then and now (pictures: Reuters and Getty)
by Afghanistan: then and now - infographic

As Britain hands over operational command of Helmand province to the US, Channel 4 News looks at how Afghanistan has changed since the war began in 2001 - from opium production to education.

article 01 April 2014 UK, Argentina
by Should football fans get shirty over a 90 England top?

England supporters are having to pay a hefty 90 for the latest World Cup replica shirt - but compared to other nations going to Brazil they may not be getting such a raw deal.