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article 17 December 2014 UK
Libby Lane, appointed bishop of Stockport (Reuters)
Meet the women taking up the top religious posts

The first female bishop in the Church of England is Reverend Libby Lane. The prime minister said it was an "important day for equality." So who are the other female firsts within their religions?

article 23 October 2014 UK
Border force uniform
Simon Israel by Trial collapses after immigration officials 'lie under oath'

EXCLUSIVE: The UK's biggest sham marriage trial has collapsed with the judge accusing UKBA officers of deliberately concealing evidence and lying under oath.

article 09 September 2014 UK
Simon Israel by Vicar 'ran sham marriage conveyor belt'

The UK's largest ever sham marriages trial begins with prosecution claims that bogus weddings at a church in south London were conducted on an "industrial scale".

article 14 August 2014 UK
Christian popstar and broadcaster Vicky Beeching
'They made me feel like they thought I was demon-possessed'

Christian popstar and broadcaster Vicky Beeching tells Channel 4 News of coming to terms with her sexuality in an evangelical environment as she comes out as a lesbian.

video 14 July 2014 UK

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I'm a radical feminist, and I oppose women bishops - video

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, tipped to be one of the first women bishops, and Susie Leafe, a self-declared feminist and General Synod member who is opposed to the move, debate the C of E vote.

article 14 July 2014 UK
Church of England votes for women bishops
Ciaran Jenkins by Church of England welcomes women bishops. Finally...

The Church of England synod votes to change its legislation and allow women to serve as bishops, in an historic moment for the church.

post 12 July 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Assisted dying - will Lord Carey's U-turn change the debate?

With the assisted dying bill due to be debated on Friday, what impact will Lord Carey's controversial intervention make?

video 21 April 2014 UK

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'A great religion has a lot of ruin in it' - video

David Cameron risks causing "alienation" by saying the UK is a Christian country, says a group of leading public figures. Krishnan speaks to author and columnist Joan Smith and historian Tom Holland.

article 20 February 2014 UK
Heat or eat? Church of England bishops' hunger plea

Twenty-seven bishops condemn the government's "punitive" welfare reforms, which they say have forced people into food and fuel poverty.