article 04 April 2015 World, China
Protestors attempt mass suicide in Beijing

A reported mass suicide attempt in Beijing shows several people lying on the pavement surrounded by onlookers, after apparently drinking pesticide in a busy shopping centre, writes Danny Vincent.

article 01 April 2015 World, Iraq
Death sentence: alarming global rise in capital punishment

A mentally-ill British grandfather is among more than 19,000 people on death row in Pakistan, according to human rights group Amnesty International.

article 07 March 2015 World, Malaysia
Vigil for MH370 in Malaysia (Getty)
MH370 searchers may 'go back to the drawing board'

The Malaysian authorities say a new strategy will be needed if no trace of the missing airliner is found in the southern Indian Ocean by the end of May.

article 06 March 2015 World, Malaysia
MH370: search for missing Malaysia airlines flight one year on
Flight MH370 one year on: what we know - and don't know

There is no trace of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared on 8 March 2014, nor of the 239 people on board. It remains one of the great aviation mysteries. Will it ever be solved?

article 22 February 2015 World, Thailand
The Chinese tourists accused of bad behaviour in Thailand

Thousands of people are celebrating the Chinese New Year. And more than ever, the Chinese are choosing to take that holiday abroad.

article 16 February 2015 World, China
Can world powers really control the weather?

A leading climate scientist says the CIA approached him to ask for information on how to disrupt the weather.

article 08 February 2015 World, China
China toilet paper
China cracks down on protest toilet paper

Chinese authorities seize 8,000 rolls of toilet paper printed with Hong Kong leader CY Leung's face that were intended to be sold as a part of New Year celebrations.

video 01 February 2015 World, China

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Thousands return to march for democracy in Hong Kong - video

Around 10,000 people march through Hong Kong demanding full democracy, the first large-scale protest since activists occupied parts of the city for three months late last year.

article 31 January 2015 World, China
Sisters in arms: protest and punishment in China

A traumatic tale from China of two sisters who have spent years trying to petition the authorities about the lack of job opportunities - and faced persecution as a result.

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