article 25 August 2015 UK, China
China financial crisis: the key questions

Following China's "Black Monday" jittery global financial markets begin to recover - but do we all need to start worrying about China?

article 25 August 2015 World, China
Chinese stocks swing for a second day

Asian markets experience a turbulent start to Tuesday as Chinese stocks tumbled for a second day, following 'Black Monday'.

article 24 August 2015 UK, China
'Black Monday': markets plunge over China fears

The Chinese government's failure to take action sparks panic across global stock markets, with the FTSE 100 dipping to its lowest level since January 2013.

post 17 August 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog China: has there been an official cover-up?

The assumption in China these days is that officials lie and cover up whenever there's an environmental catastrophe.

article 13 August 2015 World, China
china blast
China explosion: dozens die after huge blasts

At least 50 people die and more than 700 are injured after two massive explosions at the Chinese port of Tianjin. Chinese authorities promise action against those responsible for the accident.

article 12 August 2015 World, China
Tianjin China explosion
Tianjin explosion: Chinese city hit by massive blast

A massive explosion erupts in the Chinese city of Tianjin and there are reports that many have been hospitalised.

post 12 August 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog China: danger of an open currency war

China has stunned the world by devaluing its currency twice in two days. Or rather it has stunned that naive part of the world that believed China's economy was okay.

article 06 August 2015 World, Malaysia
Bereaved relative holds up a drawing of the missing plane (Reuters)
MH370: plane window also found on Reunion Island

Confirming that a wing part found on a Reunion Island beach earlier in the week is from missing flight MH370, the Malaysian transport minister says that a plane window has also been discovered.

article 13 July 2015 World, China
Participants at the talks on Iran's nuclear programme in Vienna (Reuters)
Iran nuclear talks: how the anticipated deal shapes up

After 12 years of talks, it seems Iran has agreed to scale back its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of UN sanctions that have crippled the country's economy.

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