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article 13 February 2013 UK
Average earnings in the UK drop to 2003 levels, according to statistics from the Office for National Statistics (Image: Getty)
by Men worst hit as average earnings slide to 2003 levels

As average earnings in the UK drop back to levels not seen for a decade, official statistics show that men have suffered the biggest decline with a 4 per cent slide in wages since 2003.

article 11 January 2013 UK
Honda cuts 800 jobs as European market slumpsews
Honda cuts 800 jobs as European market slumps

Japanese car giant Honda is to cut 800 jobs from its UK factory following a slump in demand across Europe.

article 20 December 2012 UK
Security holes remain in mandatory jobseekers site
by Security holes remain in government jobseekers site

The government is pressing ahead with plans to force jobseekers to sign up to its new Universal Jobmatch website that has been exposed as a 'scammer's paradise' by a Channel 4 News investigation.

article 19 December 2012 UK
Nissan to create 1,000 jobs for UK with new investment
Nissan to create 1,000 jobs for UK with new investment

Car giant Nissan has announced plans to build a new luxury model in the UK, creating up to 1,000 jobs with a 250m investment.

video 20 September 2012

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Top tips for job-seekers from UK's largest employers

Is a degree worth the cost? Are apprenticeships a route to work? Should you still aim high? Sainsbury's CEO Justin King, O2 chief executive Ronan Dunne and others, reveal all at the C4 Class of 2012.

article 08 August 2012 UK
The number of people in permanent jobs falls for the second month in a row (Getty)
Permanent jobs fall for second month in a row

The number of people in permanent jobs falls for the second month in a row, reflecting a "high degree of uncertainty" among employers over the economy, according to recruiters.

article 20 July 2012 UK
Judging at the Great Taste awards
by Retail therapy: the local food heroes creating new jobs

What does it take to produce one of Britain's top 50 foods? Sublime taste, impeccable standards, and a passion for perfection. But championing local producers can help the economy, too.

article 25 June 2012 UK
David Cameron will say it is time to ask
Cameron: benefits change can end welfare gap

David Cameron warns that the welfare system is causing deep social divisions and signals a rethink over what benefits are for and who receives them.

article 20 June 2012 UK
Experts warn that 'underemployment' is still rife in the UK
UK jobless figures down - why?

As the UK struggles under the government's coalition cuts, the latest unemployment figures show a surprise fall in jobless numbers - but why?