article 27 July 2015 Business
Can Scotland have another referendum?

Alex Salmond says that it is 'inevitable' that Scotland will have another referendum, but what could actually spur another vote on the country's future in the UK?

article 13 July 2015 UK
Heathrow protester (image: Plane Stupid)
Heathrow flights hit after protest over third runway

Heathrow flights will be delayed today after 12 activists cut through a perimeter fence and chained themselves together on the northern runway to protest against possible expansion of the airport.

article 09 July 2015 UK
Tube strike: London commuters struggle to work
London tube strike: commuters emerge into sunlight

A dispute over night services on London Underground brings the tube to a standstill, causing travel chaos for millions of Londoners and a war of words between Boris Johnson and trade unions.

article 08 July 2015 UK
Helia Ebrahimi by Three reasons Barclays Antony Jenkins 'had to go'

They used to call him Saint Antony. But after three years, Barclays chief executive Antony Jenkins lost his holy mantle, Helia Ebrahimi writes.

article 08 July 2015 UK
National living wage: will it be enough to live on?

George Osborne produces a budget surprise with his announcement that a compulsory national living wage will be introduced. But it will be lower than the voluntary living wage that already exists.

article 07 July 2015 UK
George Osborne (Reuters)
George Osborne family business' 6m offshore deal

Chancellor George Osborne's family business made 6m in a property deal with a developer based in a tax haven, Paul McNamara and Guy Basnett investigate.

article 06 July 2015 World, Greece
Helia Ebrahimi by Greece: markets are more worried about China

The no vote in Greece may be causing political shock and awe but stock markets in Europe reacted with relative calm this morning. The same, however, can't be said for what has been happening in China.

article 02 July 2015 World
Referendum yes supporters protest in Athens (Reuters)
Greece referendum: Syriza urges voters to reject bailout

Politicians with Greece's ruling Syriza party, including Prime Minister Tsipras, say the country should vote no in Sunday's referendum, as the Bank of England warns of a "very dangerous" situation.

post 01 July 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Heathrow third runway: business says 'pick up the shovel'

It's taken a three-year investigation but today the Airports Commission announced what many had expected - that a third runway at Heathrow is the preferred option to expand the UK's airport capacity.