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article 03 July 2015 UK
Andy Davies by Veterans with dogs: 'without my dog I'd be dead'

Former Marine Craig MacLellan, who has been helped to survive post-traumatic stress disorder by the companionship of his pet Labrador, has set up Veterans with Dogs to help others like him.

article 28 January 2015 UK, Afghanistan
Author Andrew O'Hagan
Andy Davies by Getting inside the 'problem' of the Afghan war

Author Andrew O'Hagan's new novel The Illuminations examines the experiences of the soldiers who went to Afghanistan believing in the war, but who returned home to Britain profoundly disillusioned.

post 19 December 2014
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: where do women serve as combat soldiers?

Some soldiers have criticised moves to allow women into close combat roles in the British Army. But women are already on the front line around the world.

article 03 October 2014 UK, Afghanistan
Cameron first in line to meet new Afghan president

David Cameron becomes the first world leader to meet Afghanistan's new president following an unannounced visit to the country.

article 08 September 2014 UK
Soldiers turn to anonymous app to share PTSD struggles

Dozens of members and veterans of the British armed forces are turning to new anonymous apps to share their struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, Channel 4 News has found.

article 28 April 2014 UK
Pictured: British troops killed in Afghan helicopter crash

The five British servicemen killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan are named by the Ministry of Defence, which said the crash was the result of a "tragic accident" - not a Taliban attack.

article 14 March 2014 UK
by Private sector workers get more pay - sometimes a lot more

Unions say that that a 1 per cent pay rise is insulting. Private sector workers say that the public sector have a cushy deal. Who actually gets paid more?

post 13 March 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Armed forces are incapable of dealing with bullying

New powers for the MOD ombudsman are just a "sop" and will make "no real difference at all" says a former army officer.

article 20 December 2013 World
March of the machines - this is the Taranis prototype (BAE Systems)
by March of the machines: is the future of warfare robotic?

As military top brass warn of an obsession with "exquisite" equipment and the RAF opens up UK drone HQ, Channel 4 News asks if the next generation of battles will be fought not by man, but by machine.