Brian Whelan


article 11 July 2014 Ireland
by Garth Brooks and Orange Order in Irish crises

Twin crises are playing out either side of the Irish border: one of identity the other credibility. Brian Whelan looks at how Garth Brooks and the Orange Order could bring the island to a standstill.

article 19 June 2014 UK
by Britain First: inside the extremist group targeting mosques

In east London a small group of religious hardliners is intent on dividing society and creating conflict. We look inside the Britain First patrols that are directly provoking the Muslim community.

article 06 June 2014 World, Ireland
by Ireland shock over 800 babies 'in septic tank'

Ireland has been rocked this week as another horrific scandal linked to the Catholic church emerges in Galway, where a mass grave with the bodies of 800 children was uncovered.

article 21 May 2014 Politics
Green Party supporter at a polling station
by Can the Greens keep their principles and wield power?

Britain's Greens want to present themselves as a radical alternative in the local and European elections, but in Ireland and Germany, Green party commitments to core principles appear to be lacking.

article 03 May 2014 UK
by Exposed: far-right veteran seeking London multicultural vote

A political party with links to the BNP and National Front is running in the European elections on a multicultural slate with Tamil, Sikh and Kurdish candidates, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 26 April 2014 UK
by March for England: Brighton braced for nationalist protest

A 500,000 police operation is planned in Brighton on Sunday to stop clashes between a nationalist march and local anti-fascists. Channel 4 News tracks the rise of the annual "March for England".

article 15 April 2014 UK
by Inside Thor Steinar: London outfitter to the extreme right

A controversial clothing brand strongly associated with the extreme right in Europe has opened a high street store in London, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 05 April 2014 World, Hungary
Supporters of Hungary's far-right Jobbik party (Reuters)
by Jobbik set for poll boost as Hungary moves to the right

Hungarians go to the polls on Sunday - and four years after the far-right Jobbik made its big electoral breakthrough, it seems the party is in a stronger position than ever, writes Brian Whelan.

article 05 March 2014 World, Ukraine
by How the far-right took top posts in Ukraine's power vacuum

In the new Ukrainian government politicians linked to the far-right have taken posts from deputy prime minister to head of defence. We profile the nationalists filling the power vacuum.