article 25 July 2014
by Braille to cutlery: why a disability costs 550/month extra

Thousands for braille displays, 31 for a knife, a fork, and two spoons, and 4,000 for a wheelchair. Disabled people tell Channel 4 News why everything costs more, just to live a normal life.

video 17 July 2014 UK

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'I'm sorry': Danny Alexander to disabled people - video

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander tells Channel 4 News he is sorry about the disabled people who were affected by the bedroom tax, as the Lib Dems withdraw their support for it.

post 20 June 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Will the universal benefits plan have to be redrawn?

Two reports attacking major areas of the government's planned benefits reforms suggest there may come a point when the universal credit policy has to be redrawn.

post 12 June 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog 'Threatened' for publicising poverty: an uncharitable tale

Charities working with the poorest in society say government attitudes to their work are increasingly hostile.

post 11 June 2014
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: are child poverty and inequality falling?

David Cameron says inequality and poverty have improved on his watch. So is the government on target to eradicate child poverty?

post 11 June 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Disability claims backlog brings hardship and anxiety say campaigners

This piece is not news. It's not new. The Department for Work and Pensions told me. Four or five times. But I thought it was worth marking anyway.

article 09 June 2014
Becky's manga cartoon
Breadline Kids: breaking the cycle of food poverty

Becky lives in Hull with her mother and sister. The family has just 1.20 per person, per day, to spend on food. She created a manga cartoon to describe the challenges of living in food poverty.

article 05 June 2014 UK
A Big Issue vendor at work
Big Issue founder: my magazine gives a hand-up, not hand-out

As the work and pensions secretary says vendors of the Big Issue exploited a loophole allowing immigrants access to UK benefits, the magazine's founder says the Big Issue saves the taxpayer money.

post 15 May 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Doubts over disability figures

A complaint about Department for Work and Pensions claims about Disability Living Allowance is upheld by the UK Statistics Authority.