post 23 June 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: the truth about welfare cuts

The Conservatives say they have to find 12bn from a 220bn welfare budget. Do the numbers add up - and where should the axe fall?

article 20 June 2015 UK
End Austerity march in London
Anti-austerity protests: thousands march against cuts

Flares, placards, whistles and a few celebrities - the streets of London are filled with protesters calling for an end to the government's austerity cuts.

article 26 May 2015 UK, Greece
Pablo Iglesias (Getty)
Europe's anti-austerity movements: from Podemos to the SNP

The surge in support for the radical left Podemos party in Spain's regional elections is the latest manifestation of a spectre haunting Europe: the rise of the anti-austerity movement.

article 30 April 2015 UK
Ethelbert Road in Margate
Paraic O'Brien by Immigration Faultline: cheek by jowl on a street in Margate

Ethelbert Road in Margate is a truly globalised community, where immigrants and local Brits live side by side. Paraic O'Brien spent a week there, exploring the tensions around immigration.

article 30 April 2015 UK
Chancellor George Osborne with Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander (Getty)
Lib Dems reveal Tory child benefit cut proposals

Lib Dem Danny Alexander says Conservative proposals in 2012 to cut child benefit and child tax credits, show where future cuts may come. The Conservatives say those plans were not backed by the PM.

post 18 March 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Budget 2015: political tricks but no rabbit out of the hat

To avoid damage to his reputation for prudence, George Osborne's pre-election budget was short on giveaways but not without political trickery.

article 13 March 2015 UK
Julia Kelly, who committed suicide when threatened with possible withdrawal of her benefits
Ciaran Jenkins by Benefits removal fear 'was trigger for woman's suicide'

As a coroner says the upset caused by the potential withdrawal of benefits triggered the suicide of Julia Kelly, Channel 4 News looks at the wider impact of benefit changes on vulnerable claimants.

post 06 March 2015
Read more on FactCheck Does the growing migrant population give more than it takes?

Immigration is rarely out of the headlines. With Ukip making it a key election issue, David Cameron has had to sit up and take notice. Here are the facts.

article 17 February 2015 UK
Cameron: Neets must do unpaid work for benefits

Young people out of work, education or training for more than six months could be made to do unpaid community work to get their benefits, Prime Minister David Cameron says.