post 22 November 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Security clampdown in Brussels extended

The country where many of the Paris attack suspects came from faces real disruption for days and months to come.

article 19 November 2015 World, France
Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Reuters)
Abdelhamid Abaaoud: the life and crimes of Paris mastermind

The name Abdelhamid Abaaoud will always be synonymous with the deaths of 129 innocent people in the Paris terror attacks, but he had achieved notoriety before then.

article 19 November 2015 World, France
Paris terror: suspected mastermind killed

The suspected mastermind of the Paris terror attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has been killed in a police raid.

article 15 November 2015 World, France
Arrests made over Paris attacks, suspects identified
Arrests made over Paris attacks, suspect identified

French police are holding two relatives of one of the men behind the Paris attacks which killed 129 people. Belgian police have also arrested seven people in connection with the attack.

article 22 August 2015 World, France
French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman

Three American soldiers and a British businessman are being hailed as heroes after restraining a heavily armed attacker on a train in France.

article 28 June 2015 UK, Belgium
Belgium bus crash: British school children on coach

A coach driver has been killed and his assistant seriously injured after a vehicle carrying pupils and staff from Brentwood School in Essex crashed in Belgium

article 15 June 2015 World, Belgium
Women's cycle race apology over 'bikini-clad models'

Organisers of a women's cycling race have apologised after athletes were greeted on the podium by bikini-clad models.

video 11 February 2015 World, Belgium

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The trial of the absent jihadis - video

Brian De Mulder, a "sporty and outgoing" 21-year-old, is among 46 Islamist extremists sentenced in Belgium today. Like many of his co-defendants he was not there - presumed to be in Syria, or dead.

article 17 January 2015 World, Belgium
Belgium deploys hundreds of anti-terror troops

Belgian defence minister announces the deployment of hundreds of troops to guard potential high-risk locations, including Jewish sites and diplomatic missions.