article 17 January 2015 World, Belgium
Belgium deploys hundreds of anti-terror troops

Belgian defence minister announces the deployment of hundreds of troops to guard potential high-risk locations, including Jewish sites and diplomatic missions.

video 17 January 2015 World, Greece

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Belgians arrested in Greece 'linked to terror plot'

Several Belgian citizens arrested in Greece may be linked to terror plot as hundreds of troops are deployed to protect high-risk sites across Belgium.

video 16 January 2015 World, Belgium

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Is socio-economic deprivation the root of radicalisation?

Belgian youth worker, Bleri Lleshi, tells Channel 4 News that many young radicals come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Professor Peter Neumann says that extremists do not feel socially accepted.

article 16 January 2015 Belgium
Families seek answers after Belgium terror raid

As a Belgian prosecutor charges five people, there are reports that the families of two men linked to the raid have been unable to reach their children amid fears they were killed.

article 16 January 2015 World, France
Five charged over Belgium 'terror plot to kill police'

Five people have been charged after major counter-terrorism raids in Belgium that started on Thursday evening and left two suspects dead.

article 15 January 2015 World, Belgium
At least two dead after police terror raid in Belgium

At least two people are dead following a terrorism raid in the town of Verviers and a third person is seriously injured according to Belgian TV.

article 15 January 2015 World, France
French police (Reuters)
Belgium arrest as police probe Europe-wide terror links

Police across Europe are probing the wider network behind the Paris terror attacks as Belgian authorities arrest a man over possibly supplying ammunition to one of the Paris gunman.

post 16 September 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Tell it on the mountain: #IndyRef from the top of Ben Nevis

On his way up and down Ben Nevis, Alex Thomson encounters a range of views on Scottish independence from a Spanish woman, a Frenchman, a Belgian and a group of Canadians.

article 17 August 2014 UK, Belgium
Police hunt driver after Tilbury immigrant rescue

Police reveal that the immigrants smuggled into Tilbury port were Sikhs from Afghanistan, as an international investigation gets under way.