Bashar al-Assad


article 25 June 2014 World, Syria
by Syria may still have hidden chemical weapons, OPCW admits

The head of the global chemical weapons watchdog tells Channel 4 News it is an "open question" if hidden chemical weapons remain in Syria, two days after the last shipment was supposed to have left.

article 16 June 2014 World, Iraq
by Would Iraq be more stable under Saddam Hussein?

The scale of the crisis in Iraq has led many to wonder what was once unpalatable: would the country be more stable if Saddam Hussein had remained in power?

article 07 May 2014 World, Syria
by Homs - 'capital of the Syrian revolution'  falls

Rebels begin withdrawing from the city of Homs - a central battleground in the Syrian civil war, once known as the "capital of the revolution" - in a major symbolic victory for Bashar al-Assad.

article 21 April 2014 World, Syria
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad
Syrian elections will have 'no credibility' - FCO

The British government says Syrian presidential elections, to take place in June, will have "no value or credibility".

video 21 April 2014 World, Syria

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Syria President Assad in rare public appearance - video

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad makes a rare public appearance as he visits a recently recaptured Christian town. State television reported that presidential elections will take place on 3 June.

video 01 April 2014 World, Syria

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Back into Homs and the heart of Syria's conflict - video

Homs was once the centre of the revolution. In two years, suburbs were turned to rubble, and it appears to have fallen back under government control. Lindsey Hilsum reports from the iconic city.

post 01 April 2014
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Inside Hezbollah: fighting and dying for a confused cause

Channel 4 News heads to Lebanon to meet Hezbollah in its heartland, and finds the group fighting a war that has dramatically departed from its original aim: resistance to Israel.

article 14 March 2014 World, Ukraine
Syria anniversary: the impact of barrel bombs
by What happened in Syria when the world was not watching

With the eyes of the world on Ukraine, an escalated campaign of barrel bombings by the regime of Bashar al-Assad has led to the indiscriminate killing of men, women and children in Syria.

article 10 February 2014 World, Syria
Syrian people queue to leave Homs in UN aid convoys
Escape from Homs: video emerges of Syrian evacuation

Video emerges of hundreds of Syrians allegedly being targeted by shelling as they are evacuated from the besieged city of Homs, as the latest round of peace talks begins in Geneva.