Bashar al-Assad


article 26 August 2015 World, Syria
Syria: Assad casts doubt on anti-Islamic State coalition

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he would consider a coalition against Islamic State, but this would be unlikely to include those backing rebel groups in his country.

article 17 August 2015 World, Syria
Douma attack: child injured in Syrian government airstrike
Douma air strikes: one of Syria's bloodiest attacks

The death toll from Syrian government air strikes on a market in an under-siege area of Damascus passes 100, making it one of the bloodiest attacks of the four-year war.

article 10 June 2015 World, Syria
Syria: living under the horrors of barrel bombs in Aleppo

Barrel bombs, indiscriminate weapons responsible for the deaths of 11,000 civilians in the Syrian civil war, are the increasing weapons of choice of the Assad regime.

article 08 June 2015 World, Turkey
Supporters of Turkey's AKP (Getty)
Turkish elections: the key questions

Turkey's AK party has lost its majority at a general election after 13 years in government - a blow to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was seeking to cement his grip on power.

article 05 March 2015 UK, Syria
Chemistry teacher jailed for six years for terror offences

A Manchester chemistry teacher whose family hid his passport to try and stop him from going to Syria has been jailed for six years for planning to fight with Islamic State.

article 18 February 2015 World, Syria
Syria: 'hope' but 'no illusions' over Aleppo ceasefire

The Syrian government has said it is willing to suspend its aerial bombardment and artillery shelling of the northern city of Aleppo so a local ceasefire can be tested, a UN mediator says.

article 10 February 2015 World, Syria
Barrel bomb
'There are no barrel bombs': Assad's Syria 'facts'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began his interview with the BBC's Jeremy Bowen by saying: "We need to talk about facts" - but very little else he said was grounded in reality.

article 23 January 2015 UK, Syria
Exclusive: Two British men who have have returned from the Syria conflict say they travelled to the Middle East on a humanitarian mission to
We were defending British values, say Syria Britons

Exclusive: two British men who have returned from the Syria conflict say they went to the Middle East on a humanitarian mission "against a brutal regime" - and insist they are not terrorists.

article 05 December 2014 UK, Syria
Fatima Manji by Two Britons jailed over Syria terror offences

Two British men who travelled to Syria to join rebel fighters have been jailed for 12 years and 8 months.