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post 21 November 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog Free at last? Obama finally acts on US immigrants

Obama could have made his big move on immigration years ago, but now faces a tough fight with congress over who should be allowed to stay.

video 15 November 2014 World, United States

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Is President Obama serious about climate change? - video

President Obama called on every nation to reach a global climate agreement. But in America, the new Congress has just taken the first step to approve a huge oil pipeline.

article 07 November 2014 World, Pakistan
Bin Laden
Who shot Osama bin Laden?

Members of the US navy Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden at his hideout in 2011 are making conflicting claims about who actually shot the al-Qaeda leader.

post 04 November 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog North Carolina: the most expensive Senate race in US history

There's been $113, 639,041 spent on this week's Senate election. It's obscene money, particularly in a race between a Democrat and a Republican desperate to declare their interest in working people.

post 02 October 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog US Secret Service head resigns - where was point of no return?

After an unenviable roll-call of gaffes, it seemed unavoidable Julia Pierson would have to step down as head of the unit which guards the President.

post 26 September 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog A wing, a prayer and a US president spouting cliches

The simple and obvious question to ask today is this: would parliament be discussing bombing Iraq for a third war if the USA were not already doing so?

post 25 September 2014
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Iraq: why this isn't 2003 all over again

The legality of any future British air strikes on Iraq may be clear - but the justification for US intervention in neighbouring Syria is much less obvious.

post 23 September 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog US air strikes: Obama lured into Syria's civil war

The expansion of the US-led air war to Syria is a powerful display of America's bona fides to the allies it says it needs for the fight against Islamic State.

article 16 September 2014 UK, Iraq
US air strike targets Islamic State in Iraq

The US carries out its first air strike against Islamic State (IS) militants under a new strategy to defeat the group in Iraq.