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article 23 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Pro-Russian armed men stand guard outside a regional government building seized by them in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine (Reuters)
Moscow threatens response if Russians attacked in Ukraine

As Kiev announces the end of an Easter truce and re-launches its "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine, Russia warns it will retaliate if its citizens are threatened.

article 17 April 2014 World
Novorossiya: is Ukraine part of Putin's 'resurgent Russia'?

President Putin pledges to do all he can to protect fellow Russians living in what he's called "Novorossiya" - the historic name for part of Ukraine. How great a threat do his words represent?

post 08 April 2014
Read more from Geoff White on Technology Did UK spooks use NSA data to spy on Britons?

A new report on how GCHQ and the UKs other spy agencies used NSA data is published - but it leaves many questions still unanswered.

article 28 March 2014 World, United States
Saudi princesses Sahar and Jawaher
Fatima Manji by Exclusive: 'locked-up' Saudi princesses' message for Obama

"He should be ashamed to meet a leader that has four grown women locked up" - the message from two Saudi princesses to President Obama as he meets with their father, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

article 27 March 2014 World
It is official: phone companies take over data from NSA
Obama: phone companies will keep bulk data, not NSA

Barack Obama outlines details of his plan to end the governments bulk collection of phone data, including procedure on how officials will now have to request data from phone companies.

article 26 March 2014 World, Ukraine
Licence to krill: what happened to Crimea's dolphin army?

In 2012 the Ukrainian navy revived a Soviet project that trained combat dolphins - but following the annexation of Crimea many are wondering what side they will flip on?

article 26 March 2014 World, Ukraine
Barack Obama addresses EU meeting (picture: Getty)
Obama moves to wean Europe off Russian oil and gas

Barack Obama pitches the US as a source of energy that would weaken the European Union's dependence on Russia for oil and gas "in the light of what's happened".

article 23 March 2014 UK, Ukraine
Could Transnistria be the next Crimea?

In the wake of the annexation of Crimea by Russia, many are wondering who is next on President Vladimir Putin's list?

post 21 March 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog EU sanctions and empty shop window

What does an association agreement actually mean if Russia can annex part of a country that nearly got one four months ago?