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article 15 February 2015 Business
HSBC says sorry as tax avoidance row grows

As HSBC issues an apology over tax allegations, Business Secretary Vince Cable says HM Revenue and Customs "could be doing a great deal more" to address such issues.

article 12 February 2015 UK
Carney: Inflation could fall below zero by spring

The UK could experience negative inflation this spring, warns Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, but he says, if needed, the bank is prepared to cut interest rates to prevent long-term deflation.

article 11 February 2015 UK
HSBC tax secrecy timeline: who knew what, and when?

Revelations of apparent wrongdoing at a branch of the HSBC bank in Geneva have put the bank, and its former chairman Lord Green, in the spotlight. This is how the story unfolded.

article 29 January 2015 UK
by London: 'a global haven for criminal financial activity'

London is a global haven for criminal financial activity - with billions of pounds laundered through British banks each day, according to the head of the UK's National Crime Agency.

video 16 December 2014 UK

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Collapse of oil price 'net beneficial to UK' - video

Andrew Bailey, deputy governor of the Bank of England, tells Channel 4 News that a 45 per cent drop in oil prices is 'likely to strengthen growth in the UK economy.'

post 19 November 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog The truth about low-pay Britain

Just when the media were starting to get all breathless about the "recovery" in real wages, the government's gone and released data showing how truly and devastatingly low pay has become.

article 17 November 2014 UK
David Cameron
Cameron warns of looming 'global economic disaster'

Prime Minister David Cameron gives a bleak assessment of the global economy and warns that the eurozone could be on the brink of recession.

video 12 November 2014 UK

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London in midst of latest banking scam - video

Five banks are fined after it emerges they manipulated foreign exchange rates for nearly six years. The Bank of England has also been dragged into the scandal, amid claims officials knew about it.

article 11 September 2014 Business
A Bitcoin ATM
Banking on bitcoin? Why many more may do so soon

Average UK bank customers may not be using the fast-growing internet currency bitcoin just yet, but as CNBC's UK Business Editor Helia Ebrahimi reports, authorities would do well to take it seriously.