article 11 September 2015 World, Qatar
Syrian refugees (Reuters)
Syria: should countries outside Europe be doing more?

Pressure is growing on countries outside Europe - particularly the Gulf states - to take in more refugees from the Syrian civil war. What are the facts?

article 06 December 2014 World, Bahrain
Royal Navy ship in waters off Bahrain (Reuters)
Britain to build permanent navy base in Bahrain

Foreign Secretary signs deal for expanded UK military presence in the Gulf, despite concerns over Bahrain's human rights record.

article 13 October 2014 World, Bahrain
Fatima Manji by The activists 'hacked' by the government of Bahrain

They came to the UK to seek refuge - but now exiled Bahraini democracy activists have been alarmed to find their online activities may have been under surveillance by the government of Bahrain.

article 07 October 2014 UK, Bahrain
Bahrain's Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Kalifia
Simon Israel by Bahrain prince 'not immune' over torture claims

The high court declares the king of Bahrain's son does not have immunity from prosecution for torture, after the DPP conceded she was wrong not to pursue the case on immunity grounds.

article 27 September 2014 World, Bahrain
UK jets hit Islamic State in Iraq
UK fighter jets fly into Iraq on combat mission

British Tornado fighter jets fly into Iraq ready to carry out air strikes against the Islamic State group, but the Ministry of Defence says no targets were hit in the first approved combat operation.

article 05 April 2014 World, Bahrain
Bahrain grand prix circuit (Getty Images)
Has Bahrain's human rights situation really improved?

The political and human rights environment in Bahrain ahead of this weekend's grand prix is much calmer than in 2012 or 2013, argues Mohammed Al Sayed of the pro-government Citizens for Bahrain group.

article 05 April 2014 World, Bahrain
Mourners at the funeral procession of Hussain Sharaf (Getty Images)
Is grand prix a lose-lose race for Bahrain's royal family?

Bahrain's royal family faces a lose-lose situation ahead of the grand prix: cancel it and lose face, or let it proceed and become a hook for adverse media coverage, writes activist Dr Ala'a Shehabi.

article 04 November 2013 World, Bahrain
by What happened to the Arab Spring?

As Egyptians get deja vu at the trial of another deposed president, a Channel 4 News interactive graphic looks at what has happened more than two and a half years on from the Arab Spring.

video 25 May 2013 UK, Bahrain

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Big Brother software 'helping human rights abuses' - video

Finspy, UK-developed software that spies on computers and how they're used, has allegedly been sold to Bahrain - a regime accused of human rights abuses by pro-democracy campaigners.