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Snowmail: Prince Harry in Afghanistan

By Jon Snow

Updated on 28 February 2008

"I never thought I'd find myself saying thank God for Drudge. The infamous US blogger has broken the best kept editorial secret of recent times. Editors have been sworn to secrecy over Prince Harry being sent to fight in Afghanistan three months ago. "

Editors have been sworn to secrecy over Prince Harry being sent to fight in Afghanistan three months ago.

Drudge has blown their cover. One wonders whether viewers, readers and listeners will ever want to trust media bosses again. Or perhaps this was a courageous editorial decision to protect this fine young man?

And one wonders too what extra lengths British squaddies have had to go to make absolutely certain he doesn't get shot in Helmand province. A gorgeously contentious issue on at 7 at 4. And how often can you say that about members of the Royal family?

Harry, Drudge and the British media

The debate about whether Harry in Afghanistan raged both on air and in our email inbox during and after the programme. Watch the studio debate, read viewer emails and have your say here.
- Should Harry have gone?

Post-apartheid South Africa revisited

We are heading out tonight with a terrible account into social attitudes in South Africa and what looks like an insight into old habits that are dying very hard.

A bunch of white students at a mainly Afrikaans university have videoed a macabre initiation ceremony with five black cleaners. They were subjected to the most appalling humiliation including the consumption of food into which the students had urinated.

The verbal taunts are acutely racist and the whole atmosphere is poisonous. It was videoed last September but has only just come to light.

Student video that sparked a riot: Read more

Will there be more horror in Jersey?

We're still in Jersey tonight. Police report having found significant objects in the cellar they are searching. We may know more at seven.

Doctors against poly clinics

I had the good fortune to be at the doctor's surgery this morning in what I always hope is the last chapter of my war with my sinuses and I was able to suggest to my doctor that his vast pay increase courtesy of the NHS had made him a wealthy man.

The National Audit Office had this very morning published the effect of some £2bn extra that has gone the doctors' way following the new contracts. But my chap told me he was less well paid than four years ago.

Anyway Victoria Macdonald is on the case and she locates her report in Somerset where doctors are in rebellion over the next reforms.

They don't like the idea of super poly clinics that will be able to cater for all but the most serious medical needs. Actually my surgery already is a kind of poly clinic and a state of the art place it is.

Russian presidential race drama

Nick Paton Walsh is in Russia tonight pursuing the vigorous contest which is the battle to become the next president of Russia. Of course there is no contest as he points out that inside the Russian doll that is Mr Medvedev is of course another doll that is Mr Putin who most definitely won't be going away.

US neo-Conservatives icon dies

The great conservative columnist William F. Buckley has died. We shall be looking at the legacy of the rare columnist who managed to make neoconservatism attractive in the liberal American media. And finally, I have a slightly awkward story to report when I was at JFK airport a few weeks ago. I spotted a key ring which had an LED screen which was ticking away the months, days and hours until George Bush's departure from the White House. It's stimulated conversation ever since I've produced it.

I recently made the mistake of adding my keys to it and in some way they have upset it because instead of reading 327 days to go, it has somehow gone up to 1,125 days and I'm just beginning to wonder whether there's a neoconservative God up there who's playing tricks in my pocket.

Anyway the lesson seems to be - don't spend money on dangerously subversive items and if you do, and if it's a key ring, don't add your keys. Someone somewhere is getting angry.

And if you want to see the offending item click here.

Jon Snow

And on More4 News tonight, we'll be talking to the man the Tories want to ban. Ibrahim Mousawi is a spokesman for Hezbollah in Lebanon, and former editor of its TV station.

The Conservatives say his presence is not conducive to the public good, and have criticised the government for letting him in.

Jewish groups are outraged by anti-Semitic remarks attributed to him and his colleagues, and Hezbollah is regarded by many as a terrorist organisation.

Despite this, Mr Mousawi's here tonight, addressing a Stop the War Coalition rally - but first, he'll stop by the studio and explain how that squares with the Hezbollah leader's recent call for open war on Israel.

We'll also look at whether the peace deal agreed today can really end Kenya's post-election violence, and Cocaine Galore - bales of Colombian cocaine keep washing up on Cornish shores, but where are they coming from?

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