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Just where are our airports?

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 18 August 2009

As Oxford Airport rebrands itself London Oxford Airport, Channel 4 News Online asks: how close are our airports to their namesake locations? Do you know of others?

Plane taking off (Getty images)

Oxford Airport has been renamed London Oxford Airport in an effort to bring in more business despite being more than 60 miles away from London.

The airport's marketing manager, James Dillion Godfray, defended the move, saying it would raise the airport's profile overseas to people who may not be aware of its existence.

He also cited other airports whose names were at odds with their location: "There are plenty of other examples around the world where airports are further away from cities."

Channel 4 News online has compiled a list, using Google Maps, of all the major UK airports and identified how far they are from their namesakes.

Do you know of other airports around the world that were further away from the cities in their names than you realised? Send your suggestions to

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From runway to namesake, just how far is it?

Using a Google Maps, and taking the first suggested route from the airport to the name indicated in its title, we have compiled the below list.

Most airports were found to be within 10 miles of their namesake, but a few - notably London's satellite airports - stretched the geographical definition to its limits. London Oxford (64.3 miles), London Stansted (37.9 miles) and London Luton (34.3 miles).

Elsewhere in the UK, Durham Tees Valley Airport takes the traveller some 26.6 miles to Durham, while Glasgow Prestwick Airport is a tidy step further from Glasgow than Glasgow Airport - 32.6 miles as opposed to 8.9 miles respectively.

Robin Hood Doncaster Airport earns two entries - despite being only 7.5 miles to Doncaster, it is more than 40 miles to Nottingham, home of fabled legend that its name might suggest.

But the clear winner has to go to London Ashford Lydd Airport, a whopping 73.4 miles from the English capital... Thanks to @avaragado for the tip.

Full list below.

Aberdeen Airport

Distance to Aberdeen city centre: 6.8 miles

Birmingham International Airport

Distance to Birmingham city centre: 14.6 miles

Belfast City Airport

Distance to Belfast city centre: 3.1 miles

Bristol Airport

Distance to Bristol city centre: 8.2 miles

Bournemouth International Airport

Distance to Bournemouth city centre: 7.6 miles

Cardiff International Airport

Distance to Cardiff city centre: 13.8 miles

Durham Tees Valley Airport

Distances to Durham city centre: 26.6 miles

East Midlands Airport

Distance to East Midlands region: 0 miles.

Edinburgh Airport

Distance to Edinburgh city centre: 8.2 miles

Exeter International Airport

Distance to Exeter city centre: 6.8 miles

Glasgow Airport

Distance to Glasgow city centre: 8.9 miles

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Distance to Glasgow city centre: 32.6 miles

Humberside Airport

Distance to Humberside county: 0 miles.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Distance to Leeds city centre: 9.1 miles

Liverpool Airport

Distance to Liverpool city centre: 8.4 miles

London Ashford Lydd Airport

Distance to London: 73.4 miles

London City Airport

Distance to London city centre: 9.5 miles

London Gatwick Airport

Distance to London city centre: 29.5 miles

London Heathrow Airport

Distance to London city centre: 15.9 miles

London Luton Airport

Distance to London city airport: 34.3 miles

London Oxford Airport

Distance to London: 64.3 miles

London Stansted Airport

Distance to London city centre: 37.9 miles

London Southend Airport

Distance to London: 42.5 miles

Manchester Airport

Distance to Manchester city centre: 9.8 miles

Newcastle International Airport

Distance to Newcastle city centre: 7.2 miles

Norwich International Airport

Distance to Norwich city centre: 3.5 miles

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster

Distance to Doncaster city centre: 7.5 miles.
Distance to Nottingham city centre: 42.2 miles.
Southampton International Airport

Distance to Southampton city centre: 3.3 miles


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