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Season ticket sales up, survey reveals

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 12 July 2007

With the start of the Premiership just under a month away, a Channel 4 News online survey reveals many clubs have enjoyed a hike in season ticket sales.

With four weeks of sales to go before the 11 August kick-off, the majority of teams have witnessed bumper sales.

In recent years there has been controversy surrounding the cost of season tickets in the Premiership, but the new multi-billion pound TV deal has allowed many clubs to slash - or freeze - prices.

Manchester United - courtesy of Old Trafford's 76,000 capacity - boast the highest sales with a total of 56,000 sold so far.

Newcastle, Sunderland and Arsenal are next in line - although many clubs cap their season ticket sales to protect causal fans.

Bottom of the list are Fulham and Wigan, with sales around the 9,000 mark so far.

But it's not just the Premiership where sales are buoyant, Championship clubs such as Charlton, Wolves and Norwich all expect to break the 20,000 barrier for season tickets ahead of the new campaign.

Club-by-club season ticket sales

Press office said 30,000 season tickets sold for 2007/8, which is a capped figure - the same as last year. A total of 40,000 on a season ticket waiting list, which is also capped.

Aston Villa
Official response was that the club is 'happy' with sales so far. Ticket office said 22,000 sold, up on last year's 19,080.

Blackburn Rovers
Refused to reveal either last season's total or this season's so far: but said sales were up.

Birmingham City
No official response, but ticket office said 13,000. Up on last season.

Bolton Wanderers
Press office said it would not be realeasing figures yet, ticket office said 12-13,000 so far, about the same as last season. Chelsea
No official response, but ticket office said 28,000 - the same as last year. There is no waiting list, but a loyalty system for members.

Derby County
A total of 23,000 sold, which is capped. Up on the 19,000 sold last year. Two hundred on a waiting list.

A total of 22,500 sold, sales the same as last season.

Press office said it would not release the figure but sales were up 18 per cent, ticket office said about 9,000 sold.

Ticket office said 28,000 season ticket holders (capped) - 60,000 on a waiting list.

Manchester City
A total of 24,00 sold so far - after takeover renewals coming in at about 150 a day.

Manchester United
No official reply, ticket office said about 56,000 sold so far. A total of 18,000 on a waiting list.

Expect to be slightly down on the 21,000 sold last season.

Newcastle United
No official reply. Ticket office said 44,000 sold last season and just as many this year. Thousands on a waiting list.

No official reply, ticket office said 13,000 so far, did not know if it was up or down on last year.

A total of 16,000 sold for next season, 18,000 were sold for last - they expect to match that total.

Just under 30,000 sold, up on the 18,000 sold at the start of last season.

Tottenham Hotspur
A total of 23,500 sold for next season, the same as last season - the figure is capped. About 9,000 on a waiting list.

West Ham United
No official response - or contact with ticket office - but recent coverage showed 21,000 already sold - club expects to beat last year's total of 24,300.

Wigan Athletic
No official response, but ticket office said 9,175 - a bit down on the same time last year.

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