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7/7 survey: your emails

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 05 June 2007

We asked viewers to email their response to our survey on the response by British Muslims to the "official" version of events on 7 July 2005.

A large number of your emails drew attention to the fact that it was not just Muslims who did not believe the official version of what happened on 7 July 2005.

"Why only ask Muslims about this? It isn't only Muslims who believe this."

"You need to carry out a survey of non-Muslims - you might get a result that is not all that different."
Nick Turner

"You don't need to look only at the Muslims community to find people (a) believing in conspiracy surrounding that particular event or (b) feeling let down, manipulated and betrayed by their own government.
Jock Urquhart

'Many British non-Muslims don't believe the official version of the events in London on 7/7 either.'
Bridget Dunne

"I think you'll find the majority of non-Muslims living in Britain would give the same answers."
A Mason

"The government and security services lied about weapons of mass destruction, they lied about the reason for the war, and after the shooting of an innocent man on the tube, more lies were told. Is it any wonder that many Muslims do not believe the government?! So do many non-Muslims."
Brian Gardner

"Muslims are not the only ones doubting the official story on 7/7. Perhaps had an independent inquiry been permitted, the public at large might feel less concerned."
Emilie Fancois Cerrah

"I am white and middle class, and I also think that the government has not told us the truth about 7/7."
Martha Higgins

"I think you have missed the point somewhat, as it is not only a view commonly held among Muslims but also among many English nationals and people around the world."
Richard Davenport

"It is not only the Muslim community that holds this kind of so-called conspiracy theory. There's a lot of people out there... that have grave doubts about the role of the current administrations hand in the whole sorry business of 7/7."
Dolores Fitchie

"You will find massive support for the Muslim view, and not just from Muslims."
Don Ainsworth

"In our experience many British non-Muslims don't believe the official version of the events in London on 7/7 either."
Bridget Dunne

'Suggest a conspiracy of any kind and there will always be support.'
Russ Singleton

"Your news showed that Muslims will defend each other despite evidence and reason... It is not extremism, it is deranged nonsense."
Malcolm Hill

"It clearly shows that the Muslim community wants to bite the hand that feeds."
Ashley Rose

"Suggest a conspiracy of any kind and there will always be support. Ask the same people if Elvis is alive and well!"
Russ Singleton

"Ever thought about doing a survey by non-Muslims? Muslims are kidding themselves if they think 7/7 was not what it was, a terrorist attack by Muslim suicide bombers."
Simon Clark

"What kind of society are we building where this level of distrust can exist and where the disparate sections of our community are becoming increasingly alienated?"
Rom Stanko

"This has nothing to do with alienation of the Muslim community. The same thing has happened over the death of Princess Diana, where I am sure a similar survey amonst white Anglo Saxons would show a similar distrust of the official line by 'the people!'"
Nick Batho

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