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Seeing in the decade

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 17 March 2008

Benjamin Cohen goes back to his roots in a More4 News series marking 10 years since the boom.

Benjamin Cohen, technology correspondent at Channel 4 News is to front a season of special reports on More4 News, celebrating 10 years since the boom that for a short while made him (on paper) one of the richest teenagers in Britain.

In " Decade," a week of special programming, Benjamin will look back at his own role in the 1990s boom as well as how the growth of the internet has impacted on society.

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Prior to joining Channel 4 News, Benjamin was an internet entrepreneur, founding JewishNet/soJewish whilst at school. Before sitting his a-levels, Cohen's company had received the backing of a major investment bank together with funding to merge the company with the offline publication The Jewish News.

The combined entity then reversed onto the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market, making Cohen, for a day, the youngest ever director of a public company.

Ben cohen

He later completed an overnight, oversubscribed institutional fund-raising for CyberBritain, a search and data marketing company.

Hit by the bust, he read religion, philosophy and ethics at King's College, London, later writing a column on e-commerce for the TimesOnline and editing


Cohen will look back at the events that led to the boom and how life in Britain has never been the same again.

Delving into the archives, he will look back at his own role within the boom and subsequent bust. The report will also include contributions from web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder Brent Hoberman and Professor Ian Angell of the London School of Economics.

1998 will be broadcast on 25 March 2008.


The gay community provides a striking example of how the internet has fundamentally changed society.

Cohen, founding editor of, explores how Gaydar and similar websites have revolutionised what it means to be gay in 2008's Britain.

From whether the growth of Gaydar has seen a shrinking of the gay scene to the social impact of "hooking up online" both in terms of the potential for the commoditisation of sexual relationships and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

The film will hear from former Gaydar user and Labour MP, Chris Bryant, Gaydar director David Muniz and the playwright Matthew Todd.

Gaydar will be broadcast 26th March 2008.

Ownership and Control

This programme will compare the development of the internet to the division of land into enclosed, private areas, controlled by the few to control the masses.

Analysing the future of the internet, Cohen is again joined by web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder Brent Hoberman and Professor Ian Angell of the London School of Economics.

Ownership and Control will be broadcast 27 March 2008.

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