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By James Blake

Updated on 09 January 2009

The innocent victims of Israel's war on terror; the United Nations says as many as 257 children have been killed in Gaza.

Israel says it is only targeting Hamas positions and takes great care to avoid civilian casualties.

But new UN figures reveal that more than a third of those killed in Israel's assault on Gaza are children.

Overall the Palestinian death toll has reached at least 783, according to medical officials in Gaza. UN officials now say more than a third, or 257, are children. They also estimate 1080 children have been wounded.

The Israeli death toll stands at 13, three of whom were civilians killed by militant rocket fire into Israel.

The cost in lives

At least 783 Palestinians killed.
(257 children killed, 1080 wounded.)
13 Israelis killed.

The attacks from both the Israelis and Hamas fighters has continued in defiance of a United Nations Security Council Resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today rejected the resolution branding it unworkable.

The continued fighting came as the UN office of Humanitarian Affairs raised serious concerns about the deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians earlier this week in what they're calling one of the gravest incidents in the current conflict. Israel stands accused of evacuating civilians to a house in Gaza which it subsequently shelled, killing 30.

James Blakes' report does contain some distressing images.

Analysis: Jonathan Rugman

Our diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Rugman on the possible reaction in Jerusalem to the UN figures.

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